Anime Review: Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Episodes 7, 8, and 9

(Originally published and formatted for Livejournal on 1/13/11)

Anime Summary Review: Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Episodes 7, 8, and 9

Rather than the longer reviews with all sorts of pictures and such, this is just a quick summary review. For a series that I’ve already been watching for several episodes, there’s not much of a reason to go into much detail. At this point in the series, you’re either still watching it (so you already know what’s going on and a long detailed run-down of everything is not really needed), or don’t care. So, without further ado:

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Episode 7 – Part 1: Panty and Stocking are once again at each other’s throats, and when the consume the cores of two alien robots that are also locked in a bitter feud, it becomes an all-out Transformers battle. Part 2: Panty and Stocking must earn three million dollars in three days, but are failures when it comes to actually working for a living. They turn to a casino to earn their fortunes, but the casino is secretly run by Scanty and Kneesocks who rig the games for the angels to lose, forcing them to strip-tease for their money, tripping up the devil girls.
My thoughts: P&S+G continues with its parade of parodies by taking aim at the Transformers. I’m sure there were all sorts of in-jokes that I did not get since I’ve never actually seen an episode of that kiddie show, but in the end it was nothing more than the usual “sibling rivalry until threat forces them to work together” story. The second part was more interesting with the return of Scanty and Kneesocks, who seem to be about as devilishly incompetent as they are evil. Sure, it turned into nothing more than a nosebleed-inducing fanservice show as the girls stripped down to their…nothing…but it was a fun ride.
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Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Episode 8 – Part 1: A small town is overrun by zombies unleashed by Scanty and Kneesocks, which seem to be immune to Panty and Stocking’s weaponry. Throughout the night the survivors fall to the horde one by one, and when dawn breaks everyone has turned into the undead, including Panty and Stocking. Part 2: Panty and Stocking are on a TV trial show for killing a friendly, harmless ghost. Given a monkey for a lawyer, they are sentenced to death, but the electrocution instead zaps the monkey into a super-intelligent attorney who reveals the ghost’s wife is the murderer, and the trial was staged by the devil sisters.
My thoughts: P&S+G continues with its parade of parodies (again) by taking aim at Night of the Living Dead. Stupid fun as everyone tries to fight back the moaning horde (the show-stopping ineffectiveness of the burning chair was hilarious), and once again the devil sisters prove that evil intent is no match for innate idiocy. In the end I expected Panty and Stocking to win out, but nope, they turn into zombies, everyone’s dead, THE END. Jump to the next story as if it never happened. It’s a ghost trial as the Death of Stimpy is pinned on the sisters, all silly and over-the-top and once again Scanty and Kneesocks are at the heart of their troubles and *once again* are defeated at their scheme. Meh.
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Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Episode 9 – Part 1: Scanty and Kneesocks engage in a volleyball match with Panty and Stocking for control over the beach. After losing, the devil girls unleash various sea-ghosts to cover their escape. Part 2: Stocking inexplicably falls head over heels with an uncouth, disgusting ghost. Panty tries to snap her out of it, but that only strengthens Stocking’s resolve. As soon as Stocking accepts the ghost’s marriage proposal, he finds peace and rises to Heaven, leaving Stocking all alone.
My thoughts: C’mon, you seriously did not expect this show would escape without at least once heading down to the beach and putting the girls into skimpy swimsuits, did you? In anime shows these days, a trip to the beach is practically a *requirement*. But the second half is more interesting, as it seems like they are introducing some actual *gasp* plot! Yeah, sure, Panty and Stocking have never seen eye-to-eye, but the rift has never seemed so wide as it is now, as Stocking falls irrevocably in love and Panty couldn’t be more opposed if she tried. At the end of the episode, it appears that the sisterly bond is permanently snapped as Stocking walks away. For good? Will she return?
A better review: Random Curiosity

The Verdict: – Still fun, still stupid, still obscenely vulgar at times, but it’s getting kinda repetitive.

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