Anime Review: Princess Resurrection OVA Episode 1

(Originally published and formatted for Livejournal on 1/8/11)

Anime Review:
Princess Resurrection OVA Episode 1

What this is about: I made the promise that I would review every new subtitled anime show (excluding blatant yaoi and/or porn) released during the Spring, Summer and Fall 2010 seasons, so now I am going back to review a handful of shows that I missed over the past few months for one reason or another. This time around, it’s the first episode of the Princess Resurrection Original Video Animation, released on December 9th, 2010, a follow-up to the 2007 anime series.

tl;dr review: Vampires attack to gain secret of immortality from Princess; What is this, undead harem anime with tons of blood?

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Episode Summary: Middle school student Hiro is revived from death by Princess, who offers up her immortality-inducing blood to turn him into her servant. Princess lives in a mansion with several other strange girls and servants, including a jiggly-boobed maid, a spunky half-werewolf, a tree-stump wielding midget that only says “Fuba”, and a vampire. Without explanation the mansion is suddenly surrounded by a horde of the undead, and the group is overwhelmed. Trapped in a corner, they realize the leader of the undead is after powerful Princess’ blood; they manage to fight off the seemingly endless army until daybreak, when they finally have a chance to rest.

My Thoughts: I don’t know if this is supposed to be a re-telling of the series (as one review suggests), or some sort of re-imagining, or an alternate tale, or some sort of sequel to the series. I will readily admit that I really don’t know what’s going on, because I am not familiar with the original anime series or manga to begin with, so I guess it really doesn’t matter. However, going in to this OVA, it seems you’re supposed to already know something about the characters, since nothing is explained. As a result, I’m a bit lost trying to figure out what’s going on.

For the greenhorn such as myself, it all seems a little bit silly, with a chainsaw-wielding princess in a gothic dress, and a duo-syllabic munchkin swinging around a huge wooden log. LOL WUT? The art style is a bit interesting but nothing special, and as far as I can tell it seems more like a twisted harem anime (with a powerless, wimpy, boring teenage boy as the only male character is surrounded by several women). No, it’s not awful or offensive or boring or anything like that, there’s just not quite enough to keep me interested to watch any further, or go back and check out the original series.

The Verdict: – Slight thumbs down. The half-werewolf girl is kinda cool, though.

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