Anime Review: Baby Princess 3D: Paradise Love

Anime Review:
Baby Princess 3D: Paradise Love

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Series Premise: Baby Princess 3-D: Paradise Love is a one-episode, 30-minute Original Video Animation released in July 2011 based on hentai video game. Yotaro always thought he was an only child, until he met his real mother…and his nineteen half-sisters, ranging in age from zero to 18! Harem anime hijinks abound.

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ep. tl;dr review: Incest, Pedophilia, Ephebophilia, Harem! Potentially the most offensive concept for a show I’ve seen.

Spoiler-free Episode Summary: Yotaro is still trying to get used to the idea that he has nineteen sisters, ranging in age from zero to eighteen years old, whom he has only recently learned about. To help get acquainted with them, his mother suggests they all go on a trip to a river beach/hot tub resort, where Yotaro will videotape all the girls. Throughout the day and night, various girls (each with their own unique look and personality) alternately act friendly or cold towards him, always trying to kiss him or make moves on him.

My Impressions: There are many unfortunate trends in anime, some of which has disturbingly been on the increase. First off, there is the concept of the harem anime, which has become almost a standard feature in the one-fisted-pumping otaku community to the point where people hardly blink an eye. Now, follow that up with pedophilia and ephebophilia, either obliquely implied or outright explicit — I don’t care how the apologists try to spin this, it is never acceptable. And then, for extra measure, there’s brother/sister incest and sometimes twin-cest…enough said.

So…what happens when you combine all three into one tidy package? Not only that…but combine harems, pedophilia/ephebophilia and incest into one package, and then multiply that by a factor of 19?

Ta-dah, you have Baby Princess: the most offensive idea for an anime series I’ve seen in the past two years of reviewing anime! Well, I’m sure there are some hardcore porno shows that are much more cringeworthy, but I don’t touch that stuff, so I’m referring to the “general release” stuff. But…GOOD LORD WHO THE FUCK THOUGHT THIS WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA, AND WHY ARE THEY NOT IN PRISON YET?

Not that there is anything visually offensive involved (it’s all PG/PG-13, except for a brief nipple-flash) and they don’t actually “do” anything. What is offensive is what is implied throughout the show, as various girls act all tsundere one minute, then return in private the next minute all bashful and flirty to make the moves on our put-upon protagonist. All nineteen girls are introduced in a whirlwind of five minutes, then it’s off the bikini-land where some of them get more air-time than others. One of the more cringe-inducing couplings involves Yotaro and the ten (eleven?)-year-old sister…ewwww. But Baby Princess is an equal-opportunity offender, so there are plenty of other chances to get all hot and bothered over sisterly love, both younger and older, throughout the show.

Several times throughout Baby Princess I found myself involuntarily shaking my hands at the screen going “Ew, ew, ew!” as if I was trying to shake something yucky off my hands. An appropriate reaction, I think…and if this show doesn’t do the same thing for you, then I think it might be time to seek professional therapy.

Okay, there was *one* funny moment in the unisex hot tub, when Yotaro dives under the water behind two of his naked siblings to hide from the rest of the harem as they enter. Suddenly it cuts to scenes of the inside of an American submarine, complete with stereotypically bad Engrish, as he toodles around underwater to avoid being found, ending surfacing in a blaze of…uh…glory. But yeah…naked…sisters…harem…incest. Coulda been hilarious in another context.

The verdict:

For more information:

Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “Woah… This OVA is GODLY. I watched it together with JohnnyYandere and we LOLed so freaking hard.” – How I Met Your Otaku
  • “The graphics are somewhat amazing and the characters are kinda a bit “3D” and it is a harem/echii. The story is not that cheesy and it’s really funny…I really recommend this episode because it’s just plain funny to me.” – Spark Blog
  • “Sigh. Japan. Do I really need to say any more? At least it actually looks like an OVA as far as technical merits go. The only time that it got anything other than terribly terribly pandering was the very last bit where the sisters all took turns sneaking into the guy’s room to try to molest him in various ways. That is acceptable humor. The overstatement of a bad cliche to ridiculous levels. Just waving breasts around and thinking up as many different ways to say “brother” in Japanese is not.” – Tenka Seiha
  • Well, that’s about all the reviews I could find. Looks like the overwhelming majority of the normal “blog roll of reviewers” isn’t touching this with a ten-meter cattleprod…or at least willing to admit it.


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