Anime Review: Bakuman Season 2 Episode 2

Anime Review:
Bakuman Season 2 Episode 2

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Series Premise: Bakuman is a weekly animated television series based on a long-running popular manga series from Shonen Jump, with the first season airing in Fall 2010, and the second season starting in October 2011. Moritaka and Akito are two high school students who put everything on the line to live their dreams of becoming popular manga creators. However, breaking into the professional manga industry takes an incredible amount of hard work, luck, and time.

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Very Quick Episode Summary: Breaking in the new assistants at the studio is more socially awkward than expected. Miho’s boss asks her to participate in a risque project, and she agonizes over what she should do. Mashiro rushes over to comfort/confront her, but Mr. Busybody butts in at the last moment to knock some sense back into him. And so, like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives…

My Impressions: Hey, hey! I am now finally getting around to reviewing the second episodes of all the shows from the Fall 2011 Television Season that received a “thumbs up” — let’s see what shows survive to the next round!

Here’s the thing: Bakuman *should* be the type of show that you think I would be falling all over. As someone who has spent most of my adult life steeped in the business side of the intricacies of the comic book industry, it’s right up my alley. And I love stories about underdogs fighting against impossible odds. So why do I come away so incredibly…nonplussed by Bakuman?

I’ve given it some thought, but at this point I honestly cannot put my finger on it. But something is missing from Bakuman, and it’s a bit frustrating that I cannot figure out what that missing element is. After this episode, like so many other episodes before it, I am just left with a feeling of “Yeah, so what? That’s it?” After over two dozen episodes, I don’t care about the characters at all, and I don’t care about the plot — nothing grabs me. Watching the episodes is just going through the motions.

As for the story of the individual episode itself, blah blah blah teenage drama blah blah blah. I wish I could just slap both Mashiro and Miho upside the head for being such idiots, but I think more than anything else this just points out that they are still teenagers inexperienced with relationships (can you really fault a stupid teen for acting like a stupid teen?)

The verdict:

After writing up this little non-review review, I wonder why I initially decided to give this a thumbs-up and pass to the next round in the first place. But I’m too lazy to change the “thumbs up” icon I uploaded, so I’ll just see how things develop next episode. It’s not like I *hate* Bakuman or anything (after all, I gave the first season of Bakuman a non-committal “C” grade), just thoroughly unimpressed. One could do worse. I guess the real question is, did I really expect the second season to be any different from the first? I should have known better.

For more information:

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    Sampling of Online Reviews:

    • “If there’s one thing this season of Bakuman seems to be doing right, it’s improving the pacing to the story. The pacing and organization feels much more tight and streamlined. The results have proven to be quite good, with a rather compelling and easy to understand story. The tale of Mashiro and Azuki feels much more realistic this episode, but more importantly, it really struck a heartstring or two.” – Emory Anime Club
    • “How you enjoyed the second episode of the second season of Bakuman will probably depend on how important a part of the story you think the highly unorthodox romance between Mashiro and Azuki is.” – Lost in America
    • “This episode was great though. A problem arises, and Mashiros dream could have been ruined for his love. He just dropped everything risking his career to make sure Miho was fine, yet they sorted everything out and he was able to get back to work and finish the job. x3” – Meeping Anime
    • “I’m not sure if I like the pacing of this season yet…So far, they haven’t gotten so far. There’s so much better material later in the manga, but it seems like a distant dream for the anime…it’s a pity. Oh well, I still love this series.” – Marth’s Anime Blog

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