Anime Review: Nurarihyon no Mago Season 2 Episode 6

Anime Review:
Nurarihyon no Mago Season 2 Episode 6

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Series Premise: Nurarihyon no Mago, or “Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan” is a weekly anime television series based on a Shonen Jump manga series. The first season aired between July and December 2010, and a second season, subtitled “Sennen Makyou”, began airing in July 2011. Rikuo Nura is one-quarter demon and the heir of the infamous Nura Demon Clan, who is relucant to embrace his demon heritage and succeed his grandfather. But as he turns twelve, he comes to accept his demon heritage and lead his cadre of demons as rival factions vie for control.

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Very Quick Episode Summary: Delays, delays, delays.
Still Quick But Not As Quick Episode Summary: Rikuo is champing at the bit to head off to Kyoto to protect Yura, but is waylaid by his grandfather who deems such actions as certain suicide. Rikuo is spirited away to a secret yokai village to undergo training, where his ego is knocked down a few pegs.

My Impressions: They sure are taking their sweet, sweet time in setting up the big story — (sarcasm) you might be mistaken in thinking this was some sort of long-running shonen series with the pacing and all.

After the relatively quick pace of the first couple of episodes, I was impressed and looking forward to some fast-paced action. But then, that was brought to a dead stop with a two-part flashback, and just as the impetuous, hot-headed Rikuo is about to get into trouble, his wise old grandfather once again puts a kibosh on that idea and ships him off to “yokai camp” for training. And once again, any sort of movement in the general direction of the main plot is put on hold for god knows how many episodes as Hot-Shit-Nura/Rikuo learns he’s really just a noobie weakling after all.

Now we have a whole raft of new characters in a new setting (as if keeping track of the existing cast wasn’t enough), Rikuo separated off on his own in a different place, Yura separated off in a different place as well. I am not exactly looking forward to an extended training session (which, knowing how these sort of shonen-based shows go, could last forever and a day). I’ll give it an episode or two more to see if it will defy my expectations.

The verdict:

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “Well, I have a mixed feeling about this episode. It’s not that I hate it, but I’m not that much into it. Sure there are lots of information poured in here, along with Rikuo’s SHOKKU faces and FukuJun’s sexy panting, but I WANT BLOODS AND FIGHTS. I WANT FIGHTS, DAMN IT. Right there when I was about to eat my popcorn at the end of the episode, they just had to end it without fight. Why why wwwwhhhyyyy I’ve been waiting for that fight since FOREVER!!” – Metanorn
  • “A training arc may seem not seem like much of a welcome addition to this series but personally I’m glad to see it, making Rikuo out to be pathetic may have been over done, but when you think about it he’s really just been getting by on luck or facing opponents who were shittier than himself. As opposed to going about crushing anyone who gets in his way simply because he has natural talent.” – Gin no Dangan
  • “Ah, a training episode, which is so-so. Rikuo wants to go to Kyoto, but knowing he isn’t ready for it, his grandfather forcefully sends him to Tono for training…I think this is the first time that we’ve seen Rikuo act so silly and clumsy in his youkai form…It’s good to know that his youkai form isn’t always cool and perfect, and that he still has some things to learn, such as how to cut through an enemy’s fear. But overall, this episode didn’t entertain me very much.” – Meeping Anime
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