Anime Review: Mawaru Penguin Drum Episode 6

Anime Review:
Mawaru Penguin Drum Episode 6

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Series Premise: Mawaru Penguindrum is a weekly television anime series starting in July 2011 from the creator of Revolutionary Girl Utena. Two older brothers take care of their ailing younger sister Himari, who is saved from death by a spirit residing in a penguin-shaped hat. With the assistance of three “helper-penguins” that only the three siblings can see, they must search for the mythical “Penguin Drum” in exchange for extending Himari’s life.

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Very Quick Episode Summary: When Kanba visits Asami, he finds out she has lost her memories of him; he then searches out the other two girls, who are attacked from afar by Slingshot-Girl, and also lose their memories. Ringo bosses Shouma around, using him as the heavy labor to move all her stuff near Tabuki’s apartment. Shouma discovers that Ringo is actually trying to fill the void left by her dead older sister, who dated Tabuki. She then spends the night in her “new digs”, hiding under Tabuki’s house.

My Impressions: Wow. Just wow. If you thought that Ringo was screwed up before, this really twists that perception even more out of whack. Mentally fucked up beyond all comprehension does not begin to describe her.

Even at this point, despite what we all know about Ringo the Stalker Girl, I desperately *do* want to like her, because she is so interesting. Just at the moment when I begin to think you might feel sorry for her sad state, she goes and does something so unbelievably crazy that leaves me throwing up my hands in exasperation and disgust.

In this case, we learn that her mind was really screwed up as a little kid, learning she was never truly loved by her parents…in comparison to her older sister…WHO DIED ON THE DAY SHE WAS BORN. Keeee-ripes. As a little child, Ringo decides that the only way she will be accepted is to take the place of her older sister, which includes her older sister’s boyfriend, Mr. Teacher. Okay, that offers an explanation for her odd behavior. But then, Ringo the Stalker creeps me out all to hell by deciding that the way she can make her entry of living with Mr. Teacher in the diary come true…is to secretly move underneath the floorboards of his house and mirror his moves. *sigh*

Ya know, with all this focus on Stalker Girl, instead of this show being all about Himari and her penguin hat, I’m beginning to think that Ringo’s the focus of the series. Hm.

And then we move on to the Kanba side-story as he sees the effect of the red “penguin balls” shot by Slingshot Girl. Once again, Mawaru Penguindrum manages to raise more questions than it answers.

I’m still greatly entertained, but remain just as confused as ever as to what is going on. I really, really, really hope it all gels to together and doesn’t leave me hanging in the end.

The verdict:

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “Each episode of MPD seems to be good for at least a couple of brilliant gags…and Ikuhara’s brilliant imagination shines through even in the lesser episodes. With 24 episodes to fill, we’re only 25% through the story and it’s clear Ikuhara is going to take his time and keep us guessing for quite a while yet, which is fine by me.” – Lost in America
  • “As of now, Mawaru Penguindrum keeps on adding more intricately woven, complex layers to the plot. All of these intricacies manage to create a very chaotic yet rational flow of events pointing towards an enigmatic future. It’s really hard to see the big picture as of now, but the story has done well in slowly piecing together things bit by bit.” – Emory Anime Club
  • “For risk of sounding like a broken record, I’d like to once again point out that the creators are putting a vast amount of detail and creativity into the animation. For example, just look at all the stuff in the fridge, the crazy antics of the penguins, and Ringo’s delusions. Did everyone notice the Death Note on Ringo’s desk? Penguindrum has so much going on at once that it never gets boring.” – Draggle’s Anime Blog
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