Anime Review: Steins;Gate Episode 9

Anime Review:
Steins;Gate Episode 9

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Series Premise: Steins;Gate is a 24-episode weekly television series that started in April 2011, based on an X-Box video game by 5pb. A small group of friends headed by self-proclaimed mad scientist Rintarou Okabe (a.k.a. Hououin) manage to create a way to send messages into the past using a modified microwave oven. However, a larger, more sinister government organization has also been doing research in time travel and Rintarou’s group soon finds itself in danger.

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Quick Episode Summary: Rintarou discovers that his meddling with the past has caused unintended changes to the present timeline — such as never having found the IBN-5100 computer. Rumiho discovers about the ability to send messages to the past, and entreats Rintarou to allow her to send her own message, which ultimately leads to the entire town of Akihabara changing around him.

My Impressions: I’m back after taking a few weeks off from reviews. Now, on with the show!

Remember last time, when I alluded to the “Butterfly Effect” and the theory of how even the tiniest of changes to the past can ripple into larger effects over time? Well, for those who were slow on picking up on the concept last episode had it hammered into their heads quite bluntly with this episode, as Rintarou discovers what chaos he hath wrought. They even specifically mentioned the phrase “Butterfly Effect”, complete with graphics to illustrate the concept, so that even the slope-iest of the slope-browed viewers out there could figure it out.

Okay, okay, I think we get the idea that one tiny message sent years in the past could have earth-changing consequences. More importantly, who could ever predict *what* those consequences will be? For someone like Rintarou, who has almost been treating this as a little bit of a college-age-student game with his self-referential mad scientist routine (playing into his own character construct) and non-serious nature of his sooper-dooper-seekrit club and all, that’s some pretty heady stuff. How the hell do you react that sort of realization?

But the real mystery remains: Why is Rintarou (presumably) the only person who is unaffected by the reality shifts? What makes *him* so special? As this series slowly inches along (and yes, it really is moving along at a glacial pace, much to my annoyance), I think that will turn out to be the “real” story. So far, nine episodes in we have plenty of questions, and very, very few answers.

P.S. Is anyone else getting increasingly annoyed by Daru and his predictably otaku-esque behavior? Sure, some of the other characters are typecast to hell or have cardboard-thin personas, but Daru’s the one that’s getting on my nerves.

The verdict:

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “I’m quite pleased that the piddly little experiments from last episode actually had a much bigger impact that first thought. Without there being any consequences for playing God and rewriting time, things were getting a little stale. This fresh direction should be enough to bring things to a climax and keep me guessing.” – Metanorn
  • “This episode was definitely the best of this season, and one of the best episodes of all anime this season. The final realization scene from Ookarin was just amazing; it portrayed really well that he is in over his head. Thinks are finally looking up for Steins;Gate after quite a few slow episodes. An episode like this was exactly what it needed to bounce back in my books.” – Clanrain
  • “This…is getting good.He erased the moe culture in Akiba this week…maybe he’ll erase a person next week.” – Meeping Anime
  • “Steins;Gate certainly shows no signs of departing from its slow and steady pace, but it remains as compelling as ever by shrouding the entire series in so many unknowns that nobody appears to be quite as they first seem while every character has a certain sense of mystery hanging over them…That the series can be both intriguing and fun continues to be its biggest selling point, although the longer it goes on the less sure I am of where it’s headed – not that it seems to matter too much when just drifting around in its current ball of pseudo-science and craziness seems to work so well for it. ” – Hanners’ Anime Blog
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  1. FoKe says:

    I’ve read all your steins’gate reviews and would really be pleased if you could continue doing these since I really need someone to sorting things out on this anime xD thanks! I’ll be looking into your other work to after I finish :D greetz FoKe

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