Anime Review: Usagi Drop Episode 5

Anime Review:
Usagi Drop Episode 5

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Series Premise: Usagi Drop, or “Bunny Drop”, is a weekly anime series between July 2011 and September 2011, based on a long-running manga series by Yumi Unita. Salaryman Daikichi discovers that his recently-deceased grandfather left behind Rin, an illegitimate 6-year-old girl. When no one else is willing to take her in, Daikichi steps up and accepts her, changing his life forever.

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Quick Episode Summary: Daikichi meets up with Rin’s mother to try and learn why she abandoned her. As Rin prepares from school, Daikichi asks if she wants to become his daughter for real and change her last name, but Rin matter-of-factly explains she’s happy just the way things are.

My Impressions: Sorry I’ve been distracted with other hobbies, so my reviews have been falling further behind. But as I’ve expressed elsewhere, I really don’t care very much how far behind I am, I’m going to take my own sweet time at this, because rushing it would lessen the enjoyment. There’s plenty of blogs that put out reviews within the same week as when the show aired…this isn’t one of them.

But even that being said, a little bit of brevity can’t hurt to get the ball rolling, so I’m spending less time typing and more time watching.

So, cutting to the quick: Yup, Usagi Drop remains the most enjoyable show that I’m watching right now. Although with this episode, I really have to wonder exactly what is Daikichi thinking. So, he’s been jonesing to meet with Masako (Rin’s mother) for a couple of months now, and finally arranges to speak to her in person. And then…well…what did he really hope to accomplish? What was he really expecting to happen? Seems like he went into the restaurant pissed off from the get-go, remained pissed off, and nothing seems to be satisfactorily resolved.

Well, unless he wanted to make Masako feel like a totally worthless human being. Congratulations, Daikichi, you managed to guilt-trip a timid, immature girl with low self-esteem. What does that accomplish, exactly? (Not that I’m seriously defending Masako’s awful decisions, but rather questioning Daikichi’s motives.)

Returning back to Daikichi, while it was pretty obvious from the start that this was a permanent relationship with Rin, I think he’s finally comfortable enough to make it official. Adopting Rin “for real” certainly is a huge step, but I guess it was up to Rin to put it all into perspective with her uncomplicated reply. She’s happy, he’s happy, why change? A child’s point of view can definitely bring problems into clarity, can’t it?

The verdict:

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “Daikichi really is taking the harder road here by allowing Rin the freedom to explore what she likes and define for herself just who she is. Even though Rin has yet to grasp the finer points of gossip and the potential stigma of being an illegitimate child, her ability to express, and desire to hold on to, what was important to her was as tear-worthy as Daikichi’s rejected adoption attempt itself. But even though she wasn’t willing to take his name, her simple acknowledgement that she’d be living with Daikichi from now on, by her choice, was enough for Daikichi, who had considered the two of them a family all along.” – Sea Slugs
  • “I-I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE. THIS IS TOO SWEET FOR MY FRAGILE FANGIRL HEART. I can’t even lie and say I didn’t cry at all. I mean, I completely lost it once when Rin said “Daikichi should just stay Daikichi”. I ended up crying through the rest of the episode, seriously. They just had to put the cute Kindergarten graduation scene and the part with Rin holding onto Daikichi afterwards didn’t they…-SOB-” – Metanorn
  • “With all the serious stuff going about, sometimes it’s tough to remember that Rin is just a carefree little 6-year old who likes to play around. Seeing tiny things like her eagerly volunteering to make curry, or brush her teeth with a pouted little face, or teasing Daikichi for crying, all these little things remind us of how Rin is still a growing little girl. This series just makes me genuinely wish for both Rin and Daikichi for happiness, because honestly, they deserve it.” – Emory Anime Club
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