Anime Review: Yondemasu-yo, Azazel-san Episode 8

Anime Review:
Yondemasu-yo, Azazel-san Episode 8

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Series Premise: Yondemasu-yo, Azazel-san or “You Are Being Summoned, Azazel” is a weekly anime television series that started in April 2011, based on a comedy manga by Yasuhisa Kubo. Rinko is the young assistant to a detective that can summon demons, who unknowingly finds herself bound in a contract with the minor demon Azazel.

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Episode Summary: Undine gets jealous at everyone at the school fawning over the Kotarou’s teacher, and her “Jealousy” powers wreak havoc, turning the school into a post-apocalyptic hell. She only has eyes for him…but because of Gusion’s feasting on his memories earlier, he doesn’t remember when he said “I Love You”, invoking Undine’s wrath.

My Impressions: What can I say? As with pretty much every story in Yondemasu-yo Azazel-san, it always ends up badly. For just about everyone.

More over-the-top comedy, and part of the fun comes with seeing just how far they can push it, and I was grinning at how increasingly grotesque the students in class were drawn. Once again, this type of humor is best suited for shorter shows (as in the twelve-minute format here), otherwise it would get exhausting with too much exposure. The other thing is that all of the characters such one-note caricatures, it’s a good thing that they only spend an episode or two on each of the various demon characters before moving on to the next. I really don’t think I could take more than two episodes of Undine’s antics.

Oh, by the way, wasn’t this show supposed to be all about Azazel-san…you know, the title character? He’s been relegated to a few seconds of comedy relief in the background for the past several episodes, it seems. Not only that, but Rinko and Akutabe were barely afterthoughts this time around as well. About time to get back to the main characters, hmmm?

The verdict:

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “Gusion Arc was OK. I had a good laugh, but not as great as the previous episodes. I don’t find the story to be enjoyable either. Maybe because there’s Undine in it, and I dislike her with passion. She’s gotta be one of the dumbest anime characters I’ve ever seen in my entire life. The only good thing about her is that she’s a freakin mermaid.” – Metanorn
  • “There were a few laughs in episode 08 but fewer than previous episodes. I wasn’t crazy about the new characters and wasn’t particularly interested in what they had going on which definitely colored my opinion. Akutabe and Sakuma are all I need.” – Moe Monster
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