Anime Review: Nichijou Episode 8

Anime Review:
Nichijou Episode 7

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Series Premise: Nichijou, or “My Ordinary Life”, is a weekly anime television series that started in April 2011, based on a comedy manga series by Keiichi Arawi. The story follows the everyday life and adventures of a few first-year high school students and the people around them, including an underage professor and her robotic maid, a goat-riding student and his butler, and other quirky characters.

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Episode Summary: Stuff happens. Or doesn’t. The end.

My Impressions: For a hit-and-miss comedy series, this episode was miss, miss, miss, three strikes you’re out.

One of the recurring problems with Nichijou is that they will often drive a joke in the ground, spending a few minutes going over essentially the same joke, over and over again. When it’s a decent gag, that’s fine, if not a bit repetitive. But when it’s a real clunker, it just drags on…and on…and on…………….and on…..

And when that happens two or three times in the same episode, it feels like time has stopped. Just like in the elevator skit in this episode.

But a better analogy would be with the first skit, as the three girls are walking to school, and Yuuko trying her darnedest to tell a joke (often Japanese word pun based) to get the other girls to laugh. But they remain absolutely stone-faced. So Yuuko tries another joke, and another, and another, each time ramping up with a “funnier” joke in her arsenal, and each time Mai and Mio remain impassive as Yuuko’s stupefied reaction gets more and more extreme.

So the analogy is Yuuko is Episode 8, and Mai and Mio are me, the viewer.

The “elevator skit” was equally interminable and un-funny. The go/soccer shorts were lackluster. The “Nano can’t get cavities” bit was not awful, but also not funny. Gun Girl going all ultra-tsundere and blowing up Goat Boy was…well, okay, I guess. Frankly, the most enjoyment I got out of this episode came from watching Mr. Sakamoto chase his own tail for a few seconds.

Yeah, I’m still watching Nichijou. But if I had to watch this dud a second time…I’d give it a pass.

The verdict:

Instead of wasting 20 minutes on this episode, spend 90 seconds watching this English-dubbed Nichijou opening video sequence I learned about yesterday. Hey, don’t go hatin’ on the English language dubbing, folks, don’t be a snob! While I generally find that the subbed versions of anime shows are better, there’s some reasonable and downright decent English voice-acted shows out there as well. Cristina Vee FTW!

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “In short, this episode was surprisingly more original than previous sets, but still not reaching its true potential.” – Sea Slugs!
  • “This was a decent episode, not the best one ever, just felt really slow to me. However, they always have the small short scenes that make up for the lack of huge comedy moments.” – Metanorn
  • “It felt as if they took all my least favorite segments and bundled them with some of the more random and less comedic scenes to produce a giant pile of unfunny.” – Moe Monster
  • “Maybe one of the weaker episodes, because of two main jokes that are kind of boring. Then again, it’s still one heck of a comedy.” – Polychromium
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