Anime Review: Hanasaku Iroha Episode 8

Anime Review:
Hanasaku Iroha Episode 8

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Series Premise: Hanasaku Iroha, or Hana Saku Iroha, is a 26-episode weekly anime television series started in April 2011. The series is an original project directed by Masahiro Ando, produced to celebrate the tenth anniversary of P.A. Works. The story centers around carefree sixteen-year-old Ohana, forced to move from the city to live with her estranged grandmother in the countryside, who operates a traditional inn. Finding herself at odds with her co-workers and thrown into an entirely new world, Ohana tries to make the best of the situation.

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Episode Summary: Just as a sudden, unexpected rush of customers overwhelm the inn, Ohana’s grandmother falls ill and is taken to the hospital. Enishi, suspecting a mystery reviewer is one of the guests, shakes things up and instructs everyone to focus on certain customers, but Ohana believes her grandmother would want everyone treated equally. Painfully short on staff, Ohana rushes off to retrieve Tohru, who is off for the day at a wedding.

My Impressions: Well, anything would have been better than the horrid attempt at a comedic episode last time (when the military otaku invaded), so I’m glad to see to see Hanasaku Iroha plucking a few strings of discord and tension as the staff of Kissuisou are pushed to their limits. Also it seems we are heading back to a more of a dramatic storyline as Ohana’s long-distance non-boyfriend is making an unexpected visit and grandma is out of commission. Although I really wonder why the big mystery of the wedding they could not reveal at the very end of the episode, as we are left with a cliffhanger of Ohana peeking in on Tohru at the event. Is it build-up for something big and unexpected, or am I reading too much into it?

And I really *do* want to strangle Enishi — sure, he means well, but he’s such an incompetent doof that it seems his has the anti-Midas touch of death. Seriously, someone strangle him. Please.

Anyway, here’s to hoping Hanasaku Iroha shifts away from the cheap slapstick sitcom-style comedy back towards the bittersweet melodrama from the first couple of episodes. At least I get a bit of that feeling with this episode. Hopefully.

The verdict:

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “This episode took a welcome step away from the stand alone comedic episodes and back into the drama of the first few episodes. There were still funny parts…but it seems that the plot is beginning to move again. This isn’t to say that the earlier episodes were bad or unnecessary. They were necessary, and will make the remainder better of the show better with their character development. But from now on things should get more exciting.” – Draggle’s Anime Blog
  • “I can say I’m impressed the show can swing from drama to comedy and back to drama effortlessly. Hopefully, it keeps being that way for the rest of its run.” – Kurogane’s Anime Blog
  • “The conflict itself is a bit more on the stereotypical side, but it does well in showcasing Ohana’s growing gradual understanding of her grandmother. This episode does also highlight much of Ohana’s character development, where we can see her gradually turning from the rather carefree and naive girl she was, into a much more straightforward, serious, responsible and considerate person now.” – Emory Anime Club
  • “Character growth is perhaps the one missing element from Hanasaku Iroha thus far; if it’s managed to add that to its arsenal then it could become an even more worthy series as it strides towards its half-way point. ” – Hanners’ Anime Blog
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