Anime Review: Queen’s Blade Premium Visual Book OVA Episode 1

Anime Review:
Queen’s Blade Premium Visual Book OVA Episode 1

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Series Premise: Queen’s Blade is a long-running fantasy/adventure anime and manga franchise involving a nearly-all-female cast of scantily-clad warriors who battle it out in a tournament every four years to see who will be crowned queen. In October 2011, two special episodes were released on DVD packaged along with two “visual books”.

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Spoiler-free Series set-up: Forced out of her…er, his kingdom and on the run, Prince Alphonse is injured and about to be captured when she…er, he is saved by an elven warrior living in the forest, Alleyne. Nursing Alphonse back to health, she reveals “he” is really Princess Annelotte (hiding her H-cup assets and voluptuous figure), and Annelotte pleads with Alleyne to train her to become a master swordswoman. They spend the next several (weeks? months?) training.

My Impressions: My (ahem) exposure to Queen’s Blade is limited to watching just one episode of the previous OVA series from 2010. Naturally, I panned it.

This two-part OVA series is supposed to bridge the storyline between the last OVA series and the upcoming new series in 2012 (“Rebellion”), introducing new characters not seen before. But to be honest, none of that really matters much, because the story and the plot come a distant second in importance to the real reason for Queen’s Blade existing in the first place: To showcase as many barely-clothed, amply-endowed girls swinging around swords at each other as possible. And that’s all you really need to know about Queen’s Blade, regardless of whichever incarnation you are enduring.

I suppose one difference is that this OVA episode is almost entirely focused on two characters rather than a whole harem of them, as the elf maiden and the wayward princess do their darnedest impression of Yoda and Luke Skywalker in training on Dagobah. Only this time instead of a mysterious tree where Luke faces his darkest fears, you have Annelotte having to run through a thicket of purple plant tentacles that rip off her clothes and violate her. Um…yeah.

Don’t try to justify watching this because of the deep, intricately-woven story or other somesuch nonsense. At least have the cojones to admit that if you’re going to watch this, it’s all for the fappage as you get all hot and bothered over the nekkid girls whacking each other in battle. Wank away, True Believers!

The verdict:

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “Even if you are not interested in their stories, at least it gives you something nice to look at. And, naturally, in the same tradition of the past two series, this has plenty of nudity in it, probably even more since they can get away with more in the OVA format.” – Mon0r
  • “Probably the best part of the OVA – besides the fanservice – was seeing some of the other Rebellion characters animated for 5 frames or so. Can’t wait for the Queen’s Blade Rebellion series to start next year.” – Biotoxic
  • “I hate you, Queen’s Blade. Why can’t I quit you? ” – Not An Anime Blog


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