Anime Review: Umi Kara no Shisha (short)

Anime Review:
Umi Kara no Shisha

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Series Premise: Umi Kara no Shisha, or “Messenger from the Sea”, is an eight-minute-long independent, amateur production by ‘Nosferatu’, released at Comic Market 78 in August, 2010. In a massive battle, Devil-san fights a massive monster-turtle to save the city.

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Episode description: A heavily-bandaged Non-chan encounters a tiny turtle being bullied on the shore, and Non-chan is invited to return with him across the ocean and leave his terrible country behind. The next day, Non-chan searches for him, but after being bullied again, the turtle turns into a giant mechanical turtle/monster that attacks the city. Non-chan sheds his bandages and becomes the giant Devil-san, battling the turtle in an all-out assault to save the city.

My Impressions: What’s the best way to describe this — Overly pretentious? Unnecessarily artsy-fartsy?

Whatever. It’s not a professional animated project, just a fan-produced video that was offered up for sale at Comic Market, so it’s not exactly fair to try and compare it to all those other big-time, slickly produced anime shows with a long list of credits. Nope, this is a one-guy effort, done entirely in black and white without any voice-acting.

The origins of the video aside, the real question remains: Is it worth watching? Eeeeeeehhhhhnnnnnnn…not quite. As with many of these fan-produced-type videos I’ve watched over the years, there’s not so much of a story as this is really an excuse for the person making it to show off their animation chops. And as the big no-holds-barred battle over the city gets into full swing, it really is an impressive display of armaments that pays homage to practically every type of animated battle you may have ever seen in the past. I am sort of reminded of the mega-classic Daicon IV that launched the Gainax Empire nearly three decades ago. Good lord…three decades…god I’m old…

Mildly interesting from an animation standpoint, to see what someone who bills himself as the “Hyper Amateur Animator” can do. One thing he cannot do, however, is put together an interesting story to match up with the animation itself. Oh well, better luck next time.

The verdict:

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “I happened to come across it, decided to watch it sight unseen, and was blown away by equal measures of WTF?! and awesome. At only 8.5 minutes long it’s well worth a watch or three.” – The Null Set

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