Anime Review: Shokupan Mimi (short)

Anime Review:
Shokupan Mimi

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Series Premise: Shokupan Mimi, or “White Bread Mimi”, is a series of 30-second-long shorts based on a four-panel gag manga by Natsuko Shimamori. Mimi is an anthropomorphic piece of bread that gets in all sorts of cute adventures. First episode aired October, 2010.

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Episode description: Mimi is the end-piece on a loaf of bread, as cute as can be. She jumps in a toaster and ends up getting a little overdone, and has to fend off birds pecking at her crumbs.

My Impressions: On my previous review that I finished less than an hour ago, I was crabbing about reviewing something that was just two minutes long. And here I am, reviewing something that is just thirty seconds long. Well, at least it is more than one episode long, so if you watch all fifteen shorts back to back, it’s over seven soul-torturing minutes long.

Not that that makes it any more interesting. Just cute Sanrio-esque characters doing cute, Sanrio-esque stupid stuff. In later episodes, Mimi uses jelly as makeup, talks with anthropomorphic butter, has a run-in with bread tongs, etc. It’s about as enthralling as you might expect.

And just as I mentioned in my last review (noted above), this is the kind of show that doesn’t deserve as much scrutiny as this blog entry entails, and will be relegated to a “short, summary review” with much less detail in the future.

The verdict:

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • None. Because once again I’m the only idiot with so much time on my hands that I would do something this inconsequential.

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