Anime Review: Keroro Gunsou Movie: Creation! Ultimate Keroro, Wonder Space-Time Island

Anime Review:
Keroro Gunsou Movie: Creation! Ultimate Keroro, Wonder Space-Time Island

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Series Premise: Keroro Gunsou, or “Sgt. Frog” is a long-running shonen comedy manga and anime series (300+ episodes) by Mine Yoshikazi. Sergeant Frog is the leader of small group of frog-like aliens sent to conquer Earth, but every one of their attempts always seem to end in failure as they constantly get sidetracked and distracted. They soon find themselves under the care of the Hinata family, particularly the 12-year-old Fuyuki. This movie, “Creation! Ultimate Keroro, Wonder Space-Time Island” (Tanjou! Kyuukyoku Keroro, Kiseki no Jikuu-jima, de arimasu!!) is the fifth feature-length film based on the series, debuting in theaters on February 27th, 2010.

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Spoiler-free Movie Set-up: Fuyuki is given a small stone statue that bears an uncanny resemblance to Keroro. Trying to figure out where it came from, they head off to Easter Island, where the two of them encounter mysterious, blob-like spirits known as Mana, as well as twin island guardian spirits known as Io and Rana. Together, they discover that an ancient, evil spirit known as Akuaku has been awakened after hundreds of years, and quickly ends up absorbing the “powers” of Keroro’s compatriots. Now it is up to Fuyuki and Keroro to save Easter Island…as well as the entire Earth!

My Impressions: Keroro Gunsou is yet another one of those long-running, popular franchises that have emerged over the past decade-or-so, which I know about but have managed to avoid almost entirely. I get the general gist of the concept, but have never been interested in even peeking at a single episode or a single manga story. It just seems like your typical childish humorous adventure series, neither good nor bad, just not my cup of tea.

And after watching this feature-length film, my non-informed assumptions seem to be right on the money. Yup, it’s a kiddie show aimed at, oh, a ten-to-twelve year old male audience. Not offensive at all, somewhat simplistic, entirely unrealistic but that’s okay because it’s more about the funny situations than any sort of involved, complex plot. The characters are pretty easy to figure out, this isn’t rocket science, and you don’t *really* need to know much about the main series to get into the movie itself.

That being said, Keroro himself is somewhat of an annoying character, and none of the other main series characters in this movie (for the most part Fuyuki and the other frogs in Keroro’s brigade) are particularly interesting. The artwork (especially the character designs) was uninteresting, and perhaps a shade substandard. The plot itself is ridiculously simplistic: They go to Easter Island, find allies, find the bad guy, big extended battles for the second half, the end. Nothing especially captivating, nor anything especially off-putting, either. Well, except for the giant robots, but that’s a personal pet peeve.

FINAL GRADE: C — Meh, neither good nor bad, and there’s nothing worthwhile for the non-fan in this movie. I suppose if you’re already a Keroro Gunsou fan, then this would be an interesting little diversion, sort of like an extra-long episode.

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “I guess there was a lot to expect and we got……….about 69-85% of it? Depends on the person, of course. But, I am not going to say that “This movie is horrible, guys! Don’t watch it!” Because….well, I would be lying through my teeth. I really enjoyed this movie, and I was very touched by it. However, the plant Keroro thing and AkuAku being too powerful [plus AkuAku’s weakness to water], the depressingly pathetic-supposed-to-be-awesome characters, and the intro really dragged it down for me. But, I still liked it. I don’t know. I guess I will always have a soft spot for those cute, random, and wacky little frogs we call keronians.” – Silly Keronian
  • …that’s the only online review I could find.

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