Anime Review: No. 6 Episode 4

Anime Review:
No. 6 Episode 4

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Series Premise: No. 6 is a weekly anime television series started in July 2011, based on a long-running light novel series of the same name. Set in the futuristic utopian City Number 6, Shion has a bright future ahead of him — until one night he has a chance encounter with another boy, Nezumi, a petty criminal on run from the authorities. Four years pass before they meet again, and now it is Nezumi’s turn to help Shion learn about the true nature of the world around him.

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Episode Summary: Shion and Nezumi visit an old friend of Shion’s mother for guidance, but that turns out poorly when he suggests Nezumi become a male prostitute. Shion is washing dogs for Dog-Keeper, which leads to Dog-Keeper figuring out that Nezumi has formed an attachment to the boy. Sensing that as a fatal weakness in a (pardon the pun) dog-eat-dog world, Dog-Keeper later attacks Nezumi, but aborts the attack when Shion shows up.

My Impressions: I think I figured out why this has such a seventies sci-fi retro feel to it at times: the ultra-cheezy synth background music, like someone playing around on a Moog back in the early days of electro-pop. I find it incongruously hilarious.

I actually like the type of story that is evolving here, although it certainly it taking its own sweet, sweet time to get the ball rolling. After the first two hectic episodes, once Shion arrives in the broken-down society outside No. 6, that’s come to a grinding halt as the story starts to explore the innocent man-crush Shion has with Nezumi. I really wish they would get past that throw in some more intrigue and action.

If there is one major flaw that really gets under my skin, though, it would be with Shion’s continued naivete. Yeah, I get that he’s a young man-boy who doesn’t know how the world works, has led a sheltered life and all…but good god is he dense beyond belief sometimes. And even after being saved from brushes with death a few times by Nezumi already, he still is clinging to his high-minded ideals and thoughts. His “I’m shocked and scandalized, suh!” type of reaction when Nezumi was obliquely insulted was a shocking display that he just. doesn’t. get. it. Really, Shion, you’re not in Kansas anymore, time to grim up already, let your balls drop and become a man.

Of course, it’s that overwhelming naivete and innocence which is the true reason why Nezumi likes him (even if he refuses to admit it, and even if it puts himself in mortal danger). There’s no one in his world like Shion at all, no one else who hasn’t lost their innocence (yet) and still has hope for the future. After living your whole life surrounded with people with no hope, no future, no ideas, I can see where Shion’s idealism could be intriguing.

The verdict:

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “This is a good character-driven episode, where Shion and Nezumi explore a bit of the ‘real world’ and meet someone who knows Shion’s mother. I enjoy seeing the different sides of the characters, such as Shion unexpectedly flipping out and Dogkeeper toying around with Nezumi.” – Meeping Anime Blog
  • “It’s not like I don’t sympathize with Shion’s idealistic desires, but his poor mindset adds little credibility to his desires and goals. Nezumi is much more level headed, which makes him the more sensible seeming character. Even so, even Nezumi seems to have his own issues, with both his past, and his current way of living. ” – Emory Anime Club
  • “I really like the atmosphere of the setting. I’d love to watch a show where the characters have to eke out a living in a rundown city. No revolutions or crazy killer wasps, just a series about people getting by in a place like that. That’s why I love the scenes where Shion and Nezumi are just hanging out and cooking in their room. It’s almost like a post apocalyptic slice-of-life.” – Sea Slugs!
  • “Taken as a whole, it performs its expectation quite good despite the growing homo innuendos being thrown here in there. Which I kind of enjoy being that you don’t see it everyday. Yet, the pacing seems to take the experience a bit away from giving it a well-rounded rating.” – The Dere Moe Project
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