Anime Review: Votoms: Alone Again

Anime Review:
Votoms: Alone Again

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Series Premise: Armored Trooper Votoms: Alone Again is a one-episode Original Video Animation special set in the storied Votoms universe, released on DVD on April 22, 2011. More than thirty years after the original series, Chirico reunites with Gotho and his family one more time.

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Spoiler-free set-up: It has been more than thirty years since the events of the original Votoms television series, and Chirico Cuvie is wandering the universe, always alone with his own thoughts. But he finally lands on a world where he meets up with Gotho, Vanilla and their large family. Chirico soon finds himself cornered and in the middle of a battle once again, where he meets up with Teitania one last time.

My Impressions: This is the third in a series of three Votoms OVA specials that came out in early 2001, starting with Case;Irvine in February, then Finder in March, and then this one in April. I’ve already briefly given my (negative) impressions of the first two, I won’t rehash what’s already been said, just a quick recap: I am not familiar with the Votoms universe, I know very little about the characters or story, and I dislike mecha-related anime shows in general, so I’m going into this as a non-fan who is predisposed to disliking it.

And as expected, I did not find “Alone Again” my cup of tea. This special was actually an prelude to an epilogue, the supposed intro to the six-part Phantom Arc series that came out in 2010. It features many of the characters from the original series (albeit 30 years later), including troubled Chirico. And since I really don’t know jack and shit about the characters, their back-story and motivations, I was largely lost, and the intricacies and meanings of the character interactions meant nothing.

I’ll keep this very short and sweet, because I don’t have much to say, and also because I do not feel qualified to give this even an inkling of a serious review. (The only reason I watched it in the first place is for completeness’ sake.) Basically, “Alone Again” is purely for the existing fans who are intimately familiar with Chirico and the Votoms story, and not designed for Votoms neophytes like myself. ’nuff said.

The verdict:

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “Thankfully this actually turned out well. The story of Votoms got an excellent conclusion after all. Especially the end was great, but the entire OVA was based around a great idea that definitely fills in some of the gaps that the Gen-ei hen left open. This is simple but effective storytelling like it should be, and I’m glad that it really contributed to the Votoms Franchise again, unlike the abominations that were Case;Irvine and Finder. Grade: 8.5/10.” – Star Crossed Anime Blog

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One Response to Anime Review: Votoms: Alone Again

  1. Anonymous says:

    If you actually watched the original 1983 anime, and Shining Heresy (prequel to this), you’ll understand it better. Your review is the equivalent of watching an episode of a random anime you have no clue about, and then saying it’s meh because you didn’t understand shit.

    To me this ova was the perfect conclusion to Shining Heresy. Of course it’s for existing fans, because it’s a sequel, not a reboot.

    The name “Alone Again” is fitting, because Chirico is yet alone again, after losing his woman (The one in the capsule)

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