Anime Review: Gdgd Fairies Episode 1

Anime Review:
Gdgd Fairies Episode 1

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Series Premise: Gdgd Fairies is a weekly anime television series featuring computer generated animation, starting in October 2011. Three magical fairies, pkpk, shrshr and krkr, sit around talking about the world and practicing their magic.

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Spoiler-free Series set-up: Three super-deformed fairies, pkpk, shrshr and krkr, are sitting around a table outside their garden home in the sky. Talking about nothing of consequence, they discuss how many hours of sleep they need each night, then about the effectiveness of counting sheep. Later, they enter a “dream room”, where they play a word game of imagining pets they do not want. Then they visit a reflecting pool, where they see a naked, hairless guy flying through the air, and try to come with things he might be saying.

My Impressions: Nope, there’s not a hint of plot at all, there’s not a story at all, just three different girls sitting or standing around talking about banal, strange and/or stupid stuff. Within the first minute, I was immediately having flashbacks to the first episode of Lucky Star, when they spent several minutes doing nothing more than sitting around the table discussing how to eat a coronet-shaped pastry. Each fairy has a different personality, with the naive one, the ditzy one, and the calm, intelligent yet mean-spirited one. Or, perhaps, a more accurate comparison based on their character traits would be Nichijou.

The animation quality could be described as perfunctory…at best. It’s completely computer generated polygon-style artwork, about on the same level as you would expect from something, say, ten or fifteen years ago. It sort of reminds me of, those Xtranormal conversations or commercials that were all the rage one or two years back, (for example, here or here). If you’re watching this, it’s definitely not for the high quality animation.

Instead, it would be for the jokes, such as they are. And I must admit there were a couple of chucklers that left me a bit chagrined, much to my surprise. Primarily it is the deadpan, acidic commentary from the mushroom-headed krkr, in the same way that I am darkly amused at Mai’s trolling of Yuuko or Mio in Nichijou. Yeah, I’m evil like that.

At first I was considering giving this a thumbs-down, because in truth it’s not really very good. But upon further reflection, I realized that this is the sort of unconventional humor that I tend to gravitate towards. And it has more of a spontaneous, unscripted feel to it, which is also nice. So, I’m willing to give it a shot. Not sold yet, but worth another try.

The verdict:

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • Best review worth reading in full:“People even speculated as to whether or not Panty & Stocking would fit on Adult Swim. Since then, a show has emerged which I think is truly worthy of the moniker of “Adult Swim-esque anime.” That anime is gdgd Fairies.” – Ogiue Maniax
  • “Short episodes of not much animation and a lot of talking. Not very interesting, for me, even if it is basically a seiyuu showcase.” – Hashihime
  • …And that’s it for blog reviews. Really. Not that I expected as much coverage as all the popular Fall season shows, but this was even simulcast on Crunchyroll. And yet…crickets, man, crickets. The forum commentary on this show is also minimal.


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