Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai OAD (Episode 0)

Anime Review:
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai OAD (Episode 0)

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Series Premise: When Kodaka moved to a new high school, he didn’t make a good impression, and finds himself ostracized. Until one day he meets up with the equally outcast Yozora, who gets the idea to create the “Neighbors Club”, to help socially awkward people form friendships. The television series started in October 2011, but earlier on September 22nd, 2011, a special Original Animation Disc (OAD) was bundled with one of the manga volumes to introduce the series.

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Spoiler-free Series set-up: Kodaka is having the time of his life surrounded by beautiful women at the beach, playing games, doing karaoke. However, he soon snaps out of his daydream back to a darkened room that has been laid waste with destruction. Then he remembers that the Neighbors Club had suggested that they have their own “hot pot” meal, as preparation for the real thing…and that’s when everything goes horribly, horribly wrong.

My Impressions: I don’t think that words can adequately describe how repulsive this piece of shit special really is. Based on the online comments, I expected it to be bad…but not this awful.

Now, about a month ago I watched the first episode of the regular television series, and gave it a surprisingly solid thumbs up, sort of a version of Haruhi Suzumiya-lite, without the supernatural elements. Well, for the first episode, anyway — we’ll see how it develops after that.

Backing up two weeks to this special, which serves as an extra for the fans (it was bundled with one of the later manga volumes), as well as an introduction to the new series. And what an inauspicious introduction it was — if I saw this first, I would be avoiding the television series like the plague.

First, we start with several minutes of our main (and only!) male character getting fawned over by half a dozen nubile girls. In short: your standard happy harem anime. But then halfway through it turns into the exact opposite of a happen harem, more of a horror harem as all the girls are passed out in digestive agony or spewing vile, black sputum all over the place in a darkened room. I guess that was supposed to be funny….? Yeah, that’s right, throwing up in pain is a laugh-riot.

It’s supposed to show that “Hey, this isn’t going to be your typical paint-by-numbers harem anime show”, and in that respect it certainly succeeded. Starting out with your happy-go-lucky cliche setting, it takes a sharp and sudden turn in the middle to show that the reality of the situation is far from ideal. Not being what one would expect is good, yes…but if you end up being physically repulsed in the process…not so good.

I haven’t watched the second episode of the television series, but I am hoping beyond hope that Boku wa Tomodachi ends up being more like the first episode rather than this special. I cannot say that I expect much after this debacle, but at least I can have at least a little faith. As for this, however…avoid, avoid, avoid.

The verdict:

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “I bet you’re probably asking – why should I watch this? What makes this any different from all the other harem series that have aired in the past? To be blunt, err…pretty much nothing.” – Angry Anime Bitches
  • “I’ve decided to give this short clip 8 out of 10. The OVA is only there to show us a little bit of what happens during club activities. You can think of it as a sneak peak, not a continuation from the hot pot incident. I really am looking forward to AIC Build’s effort in adapting this show because like anyone else who’s hyped up for their very own shows, I don’t want AIC Build to ruin Boku Tomo’s hype and popularity it should deserve.” – Sekijitsu
  • “That turn for the worst from harem fantasy to harem nightmare was a tasteful and sudden development which shot up our attraction to the series. Although first making us believe it is nothing more than typical, Boku wa Tomodachi surprisingly strikes fun at itself for viewer enjoyment with this pre-release OVA. The short story seen within this episode is unconventional and effective in that it straightforwardly tells us this is not a regular harem series – then further goes to prove it.” – Seventh Style
  • “Yep I was expecting a cliched harem opening and I got that at first. But then it all changed. You know what they say, “Nothing is too good to be true.” Comedy wise this is more of the “guy gets tortured by female cast” which became really popular recently. Potential of being a harem anime? Yes most definitely. Potential of deviating from the typical RomXCom scenario. Perhaps not. Grade: 7/10.” – My Anime List
  • “Nothing too special really, but it was a nice preview of the art and voice acting. From what I can see, this can either go two ways: a harem ending (and hopefully the male protagonist is not an idiot like usual) or a series with mindless comedy and ecchi. Grade: 3/5.” – Jeffrey’s Anime Blog


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