Anime Review: Kyousou Giga OVA

Anime Review:
Kyousou Giga OVA

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Series Premise: Kyousou Giga (or Kyousogiga) is an original net animation special released on December 6, 2011, a collaboration between Toei Animation and Banpresto. Koto and her younger brothers are trapped in a strange city where they wreak havoc on a daily basis, as she searches for a special rabbit that will allow them to return home.

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Spoiler-free Series set-up: Koto is a young girl who happens to be stuck in a strange yet wondrous city that seems a lot like Kyoto…yet it’s not. Along with her younger brothers, they run around and cause all sorts of trouble, and generally living a happy, carefree life. But at the same time, Koto is also searching for a certain, special rabbit that will allow them to return back to their own real home. The problem is, this rabbit hasn’t been around for a while, and the are starting to lose hope. But with the guidance of their mentor figure, a young monk, events are soon going to come to a head that will reveal the true nature of the rabbit and its relationship to Koto.


No, really, I’m asking, because I don’t know. What the hell did I just watch? This was easily one of the most confusing mish-mash, smash-mouth, action-packed 25 minutes of Japanese animation I’ve seen in a while (moreso than Tailenders, the last major mind-fuck I watched from last year), a frenetic melange of bright, technicolor explosions moving fast enough that my computer graphics card often could not keep up.

In the end, I *think* I figured out the point of the plot, but I’m not entirely sure. I really shouldn’t delve too deep into the story without revealing much, and furthermore I’m not very sure I understood enough to give it justice — best to go watch it yourself. Very little is explained early on, and after the first few minutes all you can do is sort of give up on trying to sort out the story and just sit back and watch the chaos unfold. At first I was simply left confused and a little irritated, and I was ready to give this a thumbs down. But upon further reflection, I changed my mind to a weak thumbs up…because it turns out I would like to go back and watch it a second time, to see if it makes more sense on review. And that, by my definition, would qualify it for a thumbs-up.

As far as the artwork and animation goes, yeah, it sure is damn impressive, and they really threw all they had into this short story. It’s bright, it’s colorful, it’s quick and messy and if you blink for an instant, you might miss something. I would hope that the animators would instead use their mad skillz for something a little more substantive in the future, rather than this little appetizer.

“What the hell did I just watch?” seems to be the nearly-universal reaction to this among nearly everyone who has seen it, and there’s the question whether this was just a test to see if there was any interest in some sort of actual series. Based on what I’ve seen among online reviews, it seems it has definitely piqued the interest of the fan community (albeit if for no other reason than to get a better idea of what the fuck this is all about). I know I would be interested in seeing more. Methinks we haven’t seen the last of Kyousougiga.

The verdict:

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “There is nothing serious about this show and that is probably the biggest thing that it has going for it. It is an entertaining watch for when you have nothing else to fill your time with and are up for a challenging watch. Grade: 6.5/10” – Otakuness
  • “If I have to describe Kyousogiga, I will say that it is like a cross between Gintama and Yozakura no Quartet with Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann in the middle. Doesn’t make sense, does it now? Exactly. I keep wondering what the hell am I watching and yet I found it so very entertaining. Grade: 9.6/10.” – Conspicuous Klux
  • “Despite not understanding what was going on, I still found it to be an enjoyable watch. It was crazy, weird and wild and it would be really nice to see more to it, if only to tie up all the loose ends and make clear what was happening…If worse comes to worst, you’ll end up thinking “WTF did I just watch?” but you definitely won’t be alone if that happens. ” – Resuscitated Hope
  • “You can’t put much more into 25 minutes if you also want to create a fun and action packed OVA, but it worked really well with the portrayal of the character as a bunch of innocent, yet confused and very powerful kids. In the end it’s both fun and has a subtle touch of emotion to it. Grade: 8.5/10” – Star Crossed Anime Blog
  • “Overall, this OVA is pretty entertaining. It’s definitely for those who love crazy and fun anime full of irrational fights. It has enough materials for a series, and I am so watching this if it’s turned into a series. I mean, if Black Rock Shooter has its own series, so why can’t Kyousogiga?” – Metanorn
  • “Do you like LSD? If you do, that really sucks, because the people who created this show have unfortunately used up the entire world’s LSD, marijuana, and blow supply. Grade: 7/10.” – The Notaku Blog
  • “Kyousogiga is nearly as intriguing as it is confusing, and maybe that’s what the creators were going for — the writers certainly didn’t bother to stop and let us know what was going on. If you can enjoy getting lost in the confusion, Kyousogiga might provide a good 25 minutes of entertainment. Just don’t expect to have any idea what’s happening.” – The Tatami Critic
  • “Thankfully, what stops this OVA from being a stupid load of junk is the sheer fun behind the characters’ interactions with each other. You could take out the action and I’d still watch it if I could just learn more about them.” – Sekijitsu
  • “Irregardless of the lack of understanding and the lingering confusion, I did find Kyousogiga enjoyable and would recommend it to watch. Just don’t go in with super high expectations or looking for extremely complex characters or a complicated storyline. It’s just a fun show that does a good job being fun.” – Bokutachi no Blog
  • “Apparently, this ONA is only 20 minutes, good to kill time when you have nothing to watch. For some, it’s indeed confusing. But watching it over again, you’ll get the general idea. Howeverm if you’re only interesting in the story, then, you’ll be disappointed.” – Chronicle Holic


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2 Responses to Anime Review: Kyousou Giga OVA

  1. JGeeks says:

    Thanks for the mention. Yes, it’s a confusing little short. Well-animated, visually rich, but the viewer is given hardly a clue as to what’s going on – it feels like watching a summary of a 26-episode series. The question is what purpose does the short actually serve?

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