Anime Review: Hanasaku Iroha Episode 7

Anime Review:
Hanasaku Iroha Episode 7

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Series Premise: Hanasaku Iroha, or Hana Saku Iroha, is a 26-episode weekly anime television series started in April 2011. The series is an original project directed by Masahiro Ando, produced to celebrate the tenth anniversary of P.A. Works. The story centers around carefree sixteen-year-old Ohana, forced to move from the city to live with her estranged grandmother in the countryside, who operates a traditional inn. Finding herself at odds with her co-workers and thrown into an entirely new world, Ohana tries to make the best of the situation.

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Episode Summary: Tomoe is receiving the hard sell from her mother to get married, and she contemplates leaving the inn. A small group of survival roleplayers visit the inn, wreaking havoc, and Tomoe decides to try and antagonize them with the intent of getting fired. But her plan backfires as Tomoe’s ‘tough love’ is exactly what they were looking for, and she realizes how her co-workers look up to her.

My Impressions: My reaction after finishing this episode was to close my eyes, pinch the bridge of my nose and emit sort of half a sigh and a breathy “ehhhhhh” sound.

As mentioned last time, the bloom is definitely off the rose. The first two episodes were really quite awesome, and I was quite hopeful that Hanasaku Iroha was going to a bittersweet, heart-tugging dramedy. But since that point, it has slipped more into the mold of an episodic slapstick situational comedy, and I cannot say that I’m too pleased with the result. That silly comedy of errors romp in the third episode culminating in the scene by the seacliff was not the exception, it became the “new normal” for the series.

So here we are, four more episodes later and it’s largely followed in the same blunt, forceful comedy routine since then, and this episode really bashes you over the head with it. The only thing missing at this point is the wacky background music and a laugh track so you know where you are supposed to laugh.

Oh well, if that’s the way it is going to be, then that’s the way it is going to be. I was hoping for something amazing, but if that is not what’s in the cards for Hanasaku Iroha, then there’s no helping it. Even so, readjusting my expectations downwards this is still a fairly enjoyable series, and that is largely the result of a likeable cast of characters, so it’s pleasant to watch them traipse through the pitfalls at the Kissuisou Inn. And if they wander back towards the drama side of the tracks every now and then, that’s just a bonus.

The verdict:

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “I feared that the survival gamers were going to become a corny gimmick, but it actually turned out well and was pretty funny…The past few episodes have been fun, but I do hope we can get back to the drama of the first few episodes soon. ” – Draggle’s Anime Blog
  • “This episode was entertaining as hell, despite Tomoe taking centre stage for once. This series is as fun to watch as AnoHana is intriguing.” – How I Met Your Otaku
  • “Lastly, there has been some concern about where the series is heading so far because the last few episodes were lighthearted and not enough drama as the naysayers try to put out. We have been there before and I don’t necessarily agree with them. I think their needs to be a period of happiness mixed in with some melodrama. Otherwise, it would feel like a soap opera or stage comedy.” – Chikitora157
  • MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY: “Well, my hope that Hana-Saku Iroha would escape the predictable, sit-com plots it’s been giving us in favor of advancing the storyline has yet to be fulfilled. This episode, like the previous two before it, runs on a combination of cliche and enforced character stupidity, and ends with a perpetuation of the status quo. Having said that, I enjoyed this episode far more than the previous ones…Being funny isn’t the highest complement I can give to show that spent its first episode promising to be one of the best character dramas I’d seen in years. Hana-Saku Iroha still hasn’t gotten back to that level yet, and I’m beginning to wonder if it ever will. But, being funny is something that makes a show worth watching. At this point, I’m grateful at least for that.” – The Anti-Otaku
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4 Responses to Anime Review: Hanasaku Iroha Episode 7

  1. theidolhands says:

    Do you make your own screencaps? Because that’s another thing I enjoy immensely about your reviews.

  2. matthigh says:

    Yeah, at very first I would steal them from other websites, but I would run into two problems: 1) That’s just wrong and 2) On more obscure shows, I wouldn’t find enough. So, I found a program that automatically creates a screen capture every second/2 seconds/3 seconds, then I just sort through the files and pick out the ones I want.

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