Anime Review: Deadman Wonderland Episode 7

Anime Review:
Deadman Wonderland Episode 7

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Series Premise: Deadman Wonderland is a weekly anime television series that started airing in April 2011, based on a popular manga series by Jinsei Kataoka and Kazuma Kondou. Ganta, the sole survivor when his classroom is attacked, is convicted for murdering all of his classmates. Sent away to a private prison called “Deadman Wonderland” where the convicts entertain the public, Ganta must fight for his own survival with an unlikely ally.

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Episode Summary: An unnatural earthquake strikes the prison, throwing everything into chaos. Ganta begins to remember that, as a child, he played with Shiro. Yoh tries to recover his lost cast points, but is stopped by a new Deadman known as Genkaku. Ganta is intercepted by an underground resistance group within the prison, and they ask him to join. As a goodwill gesture, they influence the punishment game so Minatsuki is spared, but they are soon attacked by the massively powerful Genkaku.

My Impressions: After some reflection, I have come to the overall, general conclusion that I may have become overly critical when watching anime — not this show in particular, but most shows in general. Perhaps it is an indirect result of watching each episode individually and then having to come up with something to say about it. Perhaps it is a result of watching everything. Or perhaps I’ve just become a jaded old man who hates everything. Bah, get off my lawn.

In any case, I am now trying to make the effort not to be unnecessarily hypercritical of the mid-grade shows (like this), and save my hate pile-on for the craptacular shows that really deserve it. Because lord knows there are plenty of shows that deserve a shower of insults more than this. Or Steins;Gate. Or Hanasaku Iroha. Or [C]. Or…well, you get the idea.

So. Turning to this episode, it was about what you would expect. It’s a mix of face-paced smashmouth action that gets your adrenaline pumping, but mixed with the odd, over-the-top silliness you’ve come to expect from a show that makes it impossible to take seriously. The good news about Deadman Wonderland is that it is never sitting still, the story moves forward at a decent clip and this time around was no exception. But then you get to Mr. Badass at the end, the “priest” who whips out his guitar and pops off a few shots of energy from it. Yeah, I could point out how nonsensical that looks — both in context as well as out of context — but nah, this is Deadman Wonderland, take it all in stride and enjoy the ride.

I’ve said it before and it bears repeating: Turn that brain off and just enjoy it as a shallow popcorn flick, because that’s what it is. I mean, I don’t hold movies like From Dawn Til Dusk or Demolition Man to some high-minded Academy Awards standards. Because if I stop and start thinking about this show critically, I could just tear it apart. Nope, no need for that; just roll with it, baby.

The verdict:

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “I KNOW this show is ridiculous and can’t tell whether it wants you to take it seriously or not. It has a blink of decent, psychological trauma and then promptly decides that a priest with a guitar gun is awesome. It’s like someone wanted to include as many badass things as possible without thinking how they’d fit into the story. Sometimes it results in badassery and sometimes…well…It’s not a BAD show but I had to lower my expectations to enjoy it. :/” – Metanorn
  • “And the narrative is on full throttle: after three or so episodes of introduction, the show gave another three to Corpse Carnival battles that looked to define the rest of the series, only to move on again this episode. At least, so it seems: Many of the new characters and plot hooks offered this episode point to the Battle Royale trappings being dropped, if not immediately, then at least very soon. Compared to shows like Bleach or Naruto, with can spend over a season’s worth of introductory episodes before even suggesting the main plot, Deadman Wonderland is in a hurry.” – The Anti-Otaku
  • “It still feels like the focus is too heavily upon the blood, guts and sex over the actual story more frequently than I would like, but every time I think I’m losing interest Deadman Wonderland manages to drag me back into its world somehow, so I can’t be too harsh on it. ” – Hanners’ Anime Blog
  • “Deadman Wonderland continues to be a curious series where it’s built on some crazy ideas, has some violent tendencies that play out in brutal fashion but manages to have a surprising amount of heart to it. It’s humor can be wicked, such as Minatsuki’s punishment, but it can play things very dark as well. ” – The Fandom Post
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