Anime Review: Gosick Episode 12

Anime Review:
Gosick Episode 12

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Series Premise: Gosick is a 24-part weekly television series that began airing in January 2011, based on a light novel series by Fujimi Shobo. Kazuya is a young exchange student who arrives at a European academy in 1924, where he meets with the diminutive but brilliant recluse Victorique. Together, they solve the impossible-to-solve mysteries, with the help of the local inspector.

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Episode Summary: The entire academy leaves for summer vacation, and Avril invites Kujo to join her at her Mediterranean villa. At the last minute he decides to stay to keep Victorique company, much to her surprise. The two spend some quality time together, as Kujo thinks back to his childhood in Japan, and Victorique chides him for his self-deprecating personality.

My Impressions: This was…better. Nothing at all happens of importance in terms of mysteries or adventures of anything like that, but instead Gosick returns to where it really shines: the burgeoning personal relationship between Kujo and Victorique. Despite all the unusual conundrums that they have had to face, and despite the hints of how it all fits into a larger backdrop of major worldwide events, that was all just a vehicle for the true heart of the series, which was the smaller story of the mismatched duo’s prickly relationship.

This was just a non-event interlude of an episode marking the halfway point in the series, a few light events that don’t amount to much. But while the entire school body is away, Victorique can come out and play for a little while, as she very, very slowly takes the baby steps out of the insular cocoon that has kept her away from the world for so long. Meanwhile, she tacitly points out Kujo’s worst point, which is his poor self image in relation to his family, which in some ways is keeping him back from growing as well. Nothing special, but it was nice to see just the two of them bouncing off each other for a bit without interference from the side characters or some life-threatening situation hanging over their head.

But was this episode good enough to keep me watching the series? Well…nope. I had made the decision to drop Gosick last time around unless I was blown away by this episode, and I was not. Upon review over the first half of the series, I realized I was not really coming away satisfied, and sometimes actively grimacing at some of the mega-stupid moves taken by Kujo and others over the course of the mind-stopping ‘mysteries’. It’s not bad (and I may return back at some future date to finish it off), but it’s just not…good enough. So best to cut my losses here and move on to other shows where I am getting a greater amount of enjoyment, because lord knows I have an endless list of shows left to watch.

The verdict:

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • A harsher assessment than mine, but the same conclusion:“…I don’t even know what to say. The show has been reduced to doing brain teasers. Terrible brain teasers. The rest of the episode was picnics and Kazuya having flashbacks to Japan. Because Kazuya is such an interesting and engaging character and what’s really entrancing about this show are the picnics. That’s it. I’m tapping out for good. The show had its moments… 10 episodes ago… but this godawful writing and horrible horrible Kazuya are not worth the slim hope that it might do something non-awful again.” – Tenka Seiha
  • “In the end, this was just a slow paced episode meant to flesh out Kujo a bit more, which certainly can’t hurt. That being said, aside from the details we learn about Kujo, there wasn’t much else worth noting from this episode. Like I said earlier, the episode literally consisted of Kujo and Victorique exchanging some riddles and stuff.” – Emory Anime Club
  • “It’s been the case since the beginning that Gosick was better as a character study than as a mystery, so this week’s episode should, on paper, have been among the best. And as it happens, it may have been my favorite of the series so far.” – Lost in America
  • “This light-hearted episode actually works surprisingly well, probably only because Victorique is such an eminently watchable character no matter what she does and even when she is only given the most simple of problems to solve. That said, I hope we’re returning to more serious fare next week.” – Hanners’ Anime Blog
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