Anime Review: No. 6 Episode 3

Anime Review:
No. 6 Episode 3

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Series Premise: No. 6 is a weekly anime television series started in July 2011, based on a long-running light novel series of the same name. Set in the futuristic utopian City Number 6, Shion has a bright future ahead of him — until one night he has a chance encounter with another boy, Nezumi, a petty criminal on run from the authorities. Four years pass before they meet again, and now it is Nezumi’s turn to help Shion learn about the true nature of the world around him.

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Episode Summary: Shion is chilling at Nezumi’s pad in the slum outside City No. 6 when he discovers that he is infected by the parasite bee. Nezumi cuts it out of his neck before it hatches, but it leaves Shion with a strange snake scar and whitened hair. Nezumi takes Shion into “town” to see someone known as the Dogkeeper. With some basic deduction, they determine that when Spring comes, there might be an epidemic of parasites in the city, leading to chaos. Nezumi rejoices at the idea, but Shion is horrified, and wants to warn them. However, Nezumi promises to reveal the secret behind the city to Shion, which he says may change his opinion of the city forever.

My Impressions: No. 6 has this certain tone or feel to it that I can’t really seem to pin down; it does not really compare to any other anime show out there, not exactly. If anything, it has this sort-of impression like I am watching some sci-fi movie from the Seventies. And I can’t explain why, it’s just a feeling.

Turning to the story itself, this is really more of character building between Nezumi and Shion, as well as exposition about the world at large. Even after all he has gone through, Shion remains hopelessly naive and idealistic; his first thought at learning of the possible horrors that may befall the city that rejected him is to warn them. Nezumi, on the other hand, is much more complex and conflicted, definitely not the uneducated sewer rat we were expecting. On one hand utterly jaded and disdainful of the world at large, on the other sending a message to Shion’s mother despite the potential dangers for them all.

As for this mysterious “infection” that turns Shion’s hair white, his eyes red and a very distinctive ribbon swirling over his body — isn’t it a little too neat of an affect to attribute to some sort of deadly parasite? Speculating here, but in my mind it’s pretty clear this is a man-made “disease”, no doubt part of what No. 6 is hiding, a populace blissfully unaware of the human experimentation going on. Or am I barking up the wrong tree?

One thing that has been a running undercurrent with No. 6 is the “boy’s love” or “shonen-ai” elements, of which I was initially very concerned. However, three episodes in and the supposed offenses are so mild and innocuous as to be a non-issue. In fact, you have to make an attempt to read into some of the interactions to interpret them that way (as in, you’re boy-crazy to begin with). So far, at least, it hasn’t tripped by cringe-meter.

The verdict:

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “The big question here is, who is right and who is wrong? The ambiguity to the answer is what makes this interesting. In the end, while Shion’s naive-ness still bugs the crap out of me, it allows for the setup of a strong sense of ideals (and the conflict that results of it).” – Emory Anime Club
  • “If there’s one thing that I really like about Bones animating No. 6 is the quality in anime. The quality is simply gorgeous. Its such a shame that No. 6 is only an 11 episode anime. Things are getting cut and the pacing is all over the place. I feel this anime would’ve been glorious as a 24 episode show. Ah well. :/” – Anime Evo
  • “The series is slowly exposing its layers and it’s keeping me quite entertained and interested in seeing where it goes.” – The Fandom Post
  • “Ultimately with No.6, the pacing is rather slow. Not ridiculously so, but noticeable. There’s enough going on to keep you interested while watching, which I suppose is good enough, but it’s not until you reflect back on it – like I’m doing – that you realize you haven’t seen anything yet.” – Glass Reflection
  • “A bit of a slow episode in comparison to last week, but that doesn’t mean it was any worse, with this week serving well to develop the characters.” – Bokutachi no Blog


Thumbs-up for Round Three: Mawaru Penguin Drum, Kamisama Dolls, No. 6

Thumbs-down for Round Three: None yet.

Coming up next: Dantalian no Shoka, Ikoku Meiro no Croisee, Nekogami Yaoyorozu, Kamisama no Memochou, Nurarihyon no Mago Second Season, Natsume Yuujinchou-san, Usagi Drop

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