Anime Review: C – The Money of Soul and Possibility Control Episode 6

Anime Review:
C – The Money of Soul and Possibility Control Episode 6

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Series Premise: [C]: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control is a weekly televised anime series started in April 2011, an original story aired as part of Fuji TV’s Noitamina animation block. Kimimaro can only dream of a financially-stable life, when he is offered the opportunity by a mysterious trickster to enter the fabled Financial District, mortgaging his future as collateral to compete in tournaments where his very future is on the line.

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Episode Summary: Kimimaro’s next deal is with a philanthropist named Koh, who approaches him and offers to call the Deal off as long as Kimimaro forfeits half his wealth. Koh makes the offer to every person he battles, and every person has turned him down so far. He has also turned down joining the Guild, explaining that even their actions to ameliorate the effects of the Financial District on society have their own unintended consequences. During the battle, Koh shows no quarter, unleashing his unexpectedly strong Asset which seriously damages Mysu. Somehow, Kimimaro emerges victorious.

My Impressions: I’m not really sure what to think about [C], but in the final analysis I am left somewhat unsatisfied. The story is positively brimming with so much potential, but each episode ends up slowly meandering through without accomplishing much of anything in the end. This episode was no different, and I think I have pinpointed the problem: Kimimaro himself.

All of the other Entres have drive and conviction, a reason for why they are fighting whether that is unadulterated greed, to expose the Financial district, or well-meaning altruism. Kimimaro, on the other had, is the tentative, unsure newbie who is ends up being tossed around between the larger currents underpinning the Financial District, unassumedly allowing the wills of others color his actions and decisions. And this is because he does not seem to have figured out what he is fighting for. Or if he has, there doesn’t seem to be much of the fire in his eyes behind his decisions. (Until Mysu is absolutely trashed and then he unleashes the hounds of war; hints at possible romantic entanglement, perhaps? But that’s another story. Or not.)

In this episode we have Weakling Kimimaro getting and earful from Jennifer. Then we have him seek out Koh as they pontificate about the effects of The Guild on the world at large. Then he reluctantly searches for Mikuni for yet another round of advice. Blah, blah, blah. Lots of talk and no action until the end, when Koh reveals his awesomely terrible Asset and trashes Kimimaro and Mysu in a few quick hits. Mind you, I actually prefer the examination of how District’s battles and actions are molding society more than the Pokemon-esque battles; I just wish the talk would *go* somewhere instead of just constant navel-gazing by Kimimaro.

The verdict: …although after writing up a rather critical review I should be giving it a thumbs-down. I’m just too lazy to change the icon I picked.

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “Obviously, not everyone agrees but I thought that this was what [C] was going to be about. To me it was never largely about the battles, [C] was a social commentary and an observation of the many moral standpoints regarding money. It’s thought provoking but without feeling contrived.” – Hachimitsu
  • “It’s quite easy to see the actual tension amongst the groups and organizations involved here, yet at the same time character development is kind of lacking. The only exceptions here are Mikuni, Kimimaro, and Msyu.” – Emory Anime Club
  • “Overall I’m rather disappointed in the direction that C has taken. It has an interesting premise… but it hasn’t fleshed it out well, isn’t making the best use of its time, and the characters are completely uninspired. It took over from Fractale this season in more than just its timeslot.” – Draggle’s Anime Blog
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