Anime Review: Deadman Wonderland Episode 6

Anime Review:
Deadman Wonderland Episode 6

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Series Premise: Deadman Wonderland is a weekly anime television series that started airing in April 2011, based on a popular manga series by Jinsei Kataoka and Kazuma Kondou. Ganta, the sole survivor when his classroom is attacked, is convicted for murdering all of his classmates. Sent away to a private prison called “Deadman Wonderland” where the convicts entertain the public, Ganta must fight for his own survival with an unlikely ally.

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Episode Summary: Ganta meets another Deadman named Minatsuki, who seems to be a quiet, shy girl who used her ability to kill her abusive father. However, he soon learns she is his next opponent in the Corpse Carnival. In the ring, Minatsuki’s personality changes completely into a maniacal fighter, and soon has the upper hand in the fight. Yoh, who managed to sneak in to the G-Block thanks to Shiro’s diversion earlier, enters the ring and reveals that Minatsuki is his younger sister. Minatsuki tries to manipulate Yoh against Ganta, then turns on him and uses him as a shield. Ultimately Ganta is able to defeat Minatsuki and win the battle.

My Impressions: After the massive power displayed by Shiro at the end of the last episode, the follow-up with Shiro turned out to be somewhat anti-climactic, as she faints and is taken away to her “No Name” master (or something). Instead, the focus of this episode returns back to Mr. Wimpy Whiny Ganta, who once again displays why he’s such an annoying lead character. Here we are halfway through the show, and tons of totally unexpected shit has happened to him, I would have hoped he would have started to grim-up just a bit, or at least lose a bit of that why-me victimization.

Although at the very end of winning his battle, his personality does change unexpectedly into a mean-spirited punk for a few moments…until he catches himself wondering what is happening. No doubt that is part of the whole Deadman package, eventually it affects their psyche turning the users into psychopathic murderers. It would certainly explain Minatsuki’s dual personalities. Maybe the “lullaby” is what keeps it under control for Shiro? I dunno, just speculating.

In any case, we’re at the halfway point, and I think I’ll stick around until the end. I’m not particularly enamored with Deadman Wonderland, nor am I disgusted or bored with it, either. Much like Darker Than Black, it’s not a great show by any measure, and there are some things that bother me, but it does have its moments. As I mentioned at some point earlier, it’s just a mindless popcorn action flick, don’t think to deeply about anything, sit back and watch the blood and gorefest and leave it at that.

The verdict:

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “I still feel there are a few discrepancies and plot holes that could be explained; they aren’t major points, but they are still a distraction. The animation and art was pretty bad in certain places too, and I felt the voice acting was stilted. I did enjoy watching the interactions and the twists involved…Complaints aside, the highlight of the episode was definitely the crazy, crazy, crazy facial expressions, including some from Ganta. ” – Random Curiosity
  • “But talking about plot for Deadman isn’t the best of ideas since this show isn’t exactly going to win an award for best story. So how was the blood and torture this time around, the real charm point for Deadman? It was so-so. I appreciate the battle-per-episode effort, in the spirit of a true shounen show, but the animation often gets in the way of me really enjoying the fight. ” – Metanorn
  • “You know, I just have to come right out and say it – this episode of Deadman Wonderland was stupid. Not just any old stupid, it was laugh in the face of supposed drama stupid…On the positive side we did at least learn a little more about Shiro this week, but my goodness Deadman Wonderland, what kind of cringe-worthy junk was this excuse for an episode? ” – Hanners’ Anime Blog
  • “Sorry for the late post this week. I just wasn’t in the mood to watch this episode right away. Now that I’ve seen it, I wish I had ignored it even longer.” – Meeping Anime Blog
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