Anime Review: Working! Season 2 Episode 1

Anime Review:
Working Season 2 Episode 1

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Series Premise: Working!! (with the double exclamation points, also known as “Wagnaria” in the United States) is a weekly anime series based on a four-panel comedy manga, with the first season aired during Spring 2010, and the second season (identified by an extra apostrophe) starting in October 2011. Set in a small family restaurant in Hokkaido, the employees of Wagnaria all have their own individual charms and quirks that can cause all sorts of problems, but they work together the best they can.

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Spoiler-free set-up: It’s just another day Wagnaria restaurant, with the employees gathering to serve the arriving customers. Poplar once again becomes agitated that she is so short, and especially when Souta keeps pointing it out, because he thinks she’s “cute”. When the manager kills a small bug, Souta becomes angry then disconsolate because he compares Poplar to the small bug. Mahiru does her best to keep from hitting Souta at every opportunity. Yamada constantly breaks dishes, and tries to avoid getting in trouble for it.

My Impressions: When I started this neverending parade of reviews back in April of last year, Working was literally the very first show I watched. Ultimately, I ended up watching and reviewing all thirteen episodes, giving it a rather weak C+ grade, which is barely enough to give a week recommendation. While some of the characters are quite interesting and there are many funny moments, it relies on many of the same situations to create the same jokes over and over again. More annoyingly, the characters never seem to grow or change — in the end the Land of Broken Toys are just as messed up as when the started their journey together.

So, here a second season rolls around…and it’s more of the same. Mahiru, who has this totally unrealistic fear of men, is just as mentally fucked up as she was at the beginning of the series, giving Souta a roundhouse or uppercut while screaming in fear. Doesn’t matter how much she has “tried” to get over her fear, nothing has worked. She doesn’t belong in a restaurant, she belongs in a mental institution getting shock therapy or lithium or something.

Likewise with Souta, who has this creepy fetish for anything small and cute, is just as screwed in the head about cute things as when he started working at the restaurant so he could be close to cute, small Poplar. Furthermore, he remains as insanely oblivious to how ultra-extra-super-creepy his fetish really is. It’s maddening to watch him so bluntly have a mental orgasm over cute, little things while everyone looks on in resigned disgust. That boy needs therapy. I seemed to gloss over just how much of an insensitive jerk and asshole he can be at times (then again, when I was that age I was not known for my tact), but this episode only seems to focus on just how muck of a crass jerk he is.

The rest of the crew are the same as always. The lackadaisical manager is just as lazy and uncaring as before; the sword-girl continues with her lesbian crush on the manager; the two chefs continue with their Laurel and Hardy routine. Frankly, the only character that seems halfway interesting at this point is Yamada, although that could just be because she’s the newest “main” character so we haven’t had a chance to get annoyed at her self-centered antics yet. Also, it seems she does NOT have some major mental malfunction, bonus points for that.

In any case, looks like nothing has changed from before. And that’s not a good thing. My expectations for the first season were somewhat unrealistic, I was hoping that some of the characters fault-causing foibles would improve over time, and in the end that did not happen, with the start of the second season picking right up where it left off. With no character growth, what’s the point in watching? (That’s pretty much the same reason I gave similar series Arakawa Under the Bridge a solid thumbs-up for the first season, and a tepid response for the second season.)

Then again, the first episode of the second season was purely a vehicle to re-introduce all the main characters (there is still a bevy of secondary characters to plow through, like Souta’s family), so perhaps they can be forgiven for this type of introduction. But I would hope for some development from this point forward, because falling back on the same tired old jokes will not fly with me.

The verdict: – Pass for now, but I want “more”.

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “Only being the first episode of the second season, very little is added here. While it can be forgiven as mostly a review of the previous season, it doesn’t leave much worth mentioning.” – Shinde Iie
  • “So, would I recommend this show from the first episode? Well, if you’re into a good comedy with no outright plot, then definitely. I enjoyed the original series back when that aired, and this seems to be improving on it’s predecessor.” – Japanator
  • “This episode took all those overused jokes and hit us on the head with them over and over again. Literally half the episode was about Poplar being short and cute, and Takanashi obsessing over her. They’ve had a year and a half to come up with new jokes, and this is the best they can do?” – Draggle’s Anime Blog
  • “There are already signs of gags being reused though, which could turn out bad in the long run for this series. At least there’s still Yamada, who usually manages to change things up quite a bit and lead up to some rather unique punchlines. Having less focus on Inami is probably a good thing after the heavy overabuse of her androphobia-related gags last season. Grade: 7.5/10.” – Emory Anime Club
  • “The great thing about Working and its cast is that everyone has their own particular weird quirks, they all have a wonderful way of noodging each other constantly, and none of the crushes are on the right person. The underlying tension that his causes drives most of the hilarity – and there’s plenty – in the material.”> – Lost in America
  • “Pretty much all it accomplished was refreshing everyone’s memory about the characters and their main quirk, and rehashing some of the same old running jokes – absolutely nothing new to see here, it felt more like a filler episode than the start of a new season.” – Caraniel’s Ramblings
  • “What is so great about Working!! is that it is filled to the brim with deeply flawed people who hilariously don’t change. I see Inami and Takanashi have regressed hopelessly back into their respective quirks. Inami is making progress though, she almost managed to hold back, but Takenashi ruined it. He’s completely tactless.” – Metanorn
  • “I forgot how awesome the cast of characters was, and the chemistry between them all is just amazing. I agree about romantic development too- I would really love to see something actually happen between Inami and Takanashi.” – Sekijitsu
  • “Nothing feels like it’s deteriorated. Animation is still nice, the humor and cuteness are the same, we’re exactly where we were the first time around, from what I remember at least. I do feel like this episode had more of a “regular restaurant” air about it. Not really sure why, maybe the background sound effects or all the jokes revolving around the workplace rather than around weird character antics. And I really like it, it feels a lot more laid back. Grade: 8/10.” – Astrialite
  • “The first episode didn’t try anything new and instead played it safe by using its old jokes. Also as many have already pointed out, this series decided to increases its cute factor by at least 200%.” – Anime Princess
  • “To be honest, Working is what it was. It’s rather mind numbing, it’s not funny, but it’s got enough quirks to make people who enjoy moe humor enjoy this series. I mean, one episode in and i’m ALREADY fed up of these characters…I don’t think i’ll be able to put up with them for a whole season.” – Meeping Anime
  • “The thing with these characters is that they all have one or two quirks, and they try to show these quirks to the viewer as often as humanly possible, even if they make no sense whatsoever in the process (one character is obsessed with small things to the point where he cries for ten full minutes because someone swatted a fly), and that got old really fast. Potential: 10%.” – Star Crossed Anime Blog


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6 Responses to Anime Review: Working! Season 2 Episode 1

  1. Mushyrulez says:

    Hmm, so I recently stumbled upon your blog… somehow (I’m not exactly sure how, and whether or not it was actually ‘recently’) :v

    So, uh, I hope you won’t mind my asking, but… why don’t you skip this season? At this rate, the next season will be halfway over before you finish talking about even the first episodes of this season (I’m in a similar dilemma here). Your reviews are more ‘previews’ than ‘reviews’ – after all, you watch the anime so we don’t have to. What would be the point of reading your previews if we’ve watched the episode? If you’re going to post previews, you’ve got to post them on time. If you’re not going to post previews… then, don’t try so hard, I guess?

    Though to be honest, you’re not really posting previews, since more than three-quarters of each of your posts deals with your own impressions. Which is hardly ‘watching a show so we don’t have to’ – a show’s all about opinions, right? It’s more like ‘giving us opinions about a show we’re not watching’! It wouldn’t be nice to go into simple objective reviews, either – I’m pretty sure RC’s got that covered :|

    I hope that wasn’t too harsh – I do like some of your reviews. Which is why I’m commenting on this one – this review was nice, but only nice if we’ve watched the episode. And I have watched this episode, and your review was nice because I disagree with it, which is the point of reviews – to look back and review what happened, not to look forward and preview what might.

    Normal people aren’t normal. Ouma Shu is a ‘normal’ person. He has average grades in everything, he’s an average at sports, he doesn’t go to any clubs, he plays an average amount of video games every day at home, he sleeps an average amount, he goes to an average amount of extra-curricular schools, he has average parents, etc. Is that normal? Is a normal person average at everything?

    Hell no! You’re a normal person, I’m a normal person. Even though not every person blogs about foreign cartoons, I blog about it and you blog about it and we’re normal people, even though some football jock may think we’re crazy retarded nerds. People don’t have mental malfunctions for being lazy, or uncaring, or fetishizing small things (what, you think normal people don’t have fetishes?), or being heads-over-tails gay for another girl. Even Inami; even though she’s mentally fucked up, it’s not like she wants to, and no my argument is disintegrating no it’s collapsing noooo nothing makes sense anymore ok ignore what I said that was weak

    tl;dr: such a long comment and all I’m saying is to change ‘Watching all of the anime shows so you don’t have to!’ to something like ‘Reviewing all of the anime shows to help you decide which ones to watch after you’ve watched them, because if you haven’t watched them, you won’t understand what I’m saying!’

    P.S. Working’!! was like the third anime I’ve ever watched, if you don’t count the ones I watched as a child :(

    Also, what’s the Thumbs-up/down for Round One all about?

    Finally, uh, I really hope this comment didn’t enrage you or anything, even though I wrote it as such. Heat of the moment and everything. Yes, half of the comment was useless and I just wasted your time reading through this mess. But I wasted my time writing this mess too! OK, I’ll stop.

  2. matthigh says:

    Thanks for the commentary. But I think you might be reading a bit too much behind why I’m doing my reviews, and who my target audience really is. Most of the people that I personally know don’t really care about timeliness of reviews compared to their airing/production dates, so whether I am a week/month/year “late” really doesn’t matter (then again, most of the people I know have been watching various anime shows for two or three decades, not exactly your average fan). But in any case, I have already decided in 2012 to streamline some of what I am doing, because doing literally everything is just too time-consuming.

  3. theidolhands says:

    Yes, they are reading into what you do too much and if they don’t like it can shop elsewhere. Your style works great for me and our tastes seem compatible, so I like it. Also, I can barely keep up with your reviews, let alone the anime, so if I’m “behind the times”….I can live with it. YMMV.

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