Anime Review: Morita-san wa Mukuchi Season 2 Episode 1

Anime Review:
Morita-san wa Mukuchi Season 2 Episode 1

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Series Premise: Morita-san wa Mukuchi is a three-minute-long weekly anime television series that started in July 2011, and continues with a second season beginning in October 2011, based on a four-panel comic strip of the same name. Mayu is a shy high school student who always takes so long considering what she is going to say that she ends up saying nothing.

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Spoiler-free set-up: Mayu Morita is a quiet high school student who never speaks, because she takes such a long time considering her words that by the time she is ready the moment has already passed. In this episode, she staples some papers with a fellow classmate. The two of them get praised by their teacher, who buys them drinks. The end.

My Impressions: There really isn’t much of a need for me to go into any detailed reviews, because I have already covered Morita-san when I watched the Original Video Animation ‘prequel’ back in April, and then the first episode of the regular season back in September. Guess what? Everything I said back then still stands. In short, basing an animated series around a GIRL WHO NEVER SAYS ANYTHING is a terrible idea. It might work a bit better in four-panel comic format, but on the animate screen…not so much.

Thirty seconds for the opening credits, and then 45 seconds watching Mayu stapling things…in silence. Yes, it’s about as fun as you might think. And the “joke” of the episode? Mayu’s friend is too stubborn to accept juice (would be too childish), so she gets a black coffee drink. She doesn’t like it. HA THAT’S THE JOKE NOW LAUGH!.

It was droll and insipid the first time around. It was droll and insipid the second time around. It remains just as droll and insipid today. The only saving grace is…no, I lied, there is no saving grace, this is terrible.

The verdict:

For more information:

Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “I find a strange kind of pleasure in watching and blogging Morita-san. Don’t ask me why. I think it’s not like that kind of masochistic following of terribad shows…It’s more like there’s a certain pleasure in finding deep, hidden meanings (that are usually not even there) in shows where the writers just aren’t trying.” – The Kotatsu
  • “I also still fail to find the show that funny. I’ll admit that I do find myself grinning at times, but mostly, I’m sat with a stoic face hoping for some kind of amusing punchline. If anyone enjoyed the first season, then they’ll likely find this one entertaining as well. For me, however, I’m still waiting for something to click, and at the moment I doubt that’ll happen. Grade: 2/5.” – Cassie’s Anime and Manga Blog
  • “This series is far too good to deny, and it manages to be cute above all to a point even its own characters can recognize. A powerhouse of moe and modern animation Morita-san wa Mukuchi certainly is. We’re eagerly awaiting the succeeding episodes and the majestic grace which they share unto otaku.” – Seventh Style


Thumbs-up for Round One: Un-Go, Chibi Devi

Thumbs-down for Round One: Morita-san wa Mukuchi Season 2

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