Anime Review: Hana Kappa Episode 1

Anime Review:
Hana Kappa Episode 1

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Series Premise: Hana Kappa (or Hanakappa, or “Flower Kappa”) is a weekly animated television short aimed at young children, started in late March, 2010 and continues today. Hana is a young kappa (Japanese water sprite) who lives with his family in the forest. Unlike other kappa, he is unable to control the flower that blooms on the top of his head, but his father tells him to be patient and wait until he grows up.

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ep. tl;dr review: Kiddie show, nothing more nothing less.

Spoiler-free set-up: In the forest lives a family of kappas (a creature of Japanese folklore that lives in the water and has a bowl of water on the top of its head), including the young Hana. Unlike the other kappa, Hana seems unable to control the flower that blooms on his head, but his grandfather cautions him to wait until he is older. One day, when heading off to school with his friends, he comes across a bee-creature that wants to steal the valuable flower on his head. But Hana manages to evade him…at least until the next encounter, when the bee-creature returns to try to get its claws on the treasured flower while Hana is fishing.

My Impressions: Let’s set the wayback machine to Spring 2010 to catch up on one of the shows missed the first time around (mostly because the first episode was *only* recently subtitled in English). Meh, what can I say about Hana Kappa? It’s just your basic children’s show, aimed at someone who is about five years old, and about as complicated as you might expect for a show aimed at the kneebiter set. It’s bright and colorful, brash and loud, composed of two short stories that are about four or five minutes long each. You have our “hero”, Hana Kappa, who is just your average boy, along with all his varied woodland animal friends, running around and having fun. The villain is your average bumbling idiot henchman working for some evil boss in the background, and most of the humor comes from watching the different ways the idiot villain sabotages his own plans again and again. Or to see what strange plant will bloom on the top of Hana’s head this time. (cactus? stinking corpse flower?)

There’s nothing really bad about Hana Kappa, but unless you are about five years old or younger, there’s also nothing worthwhile here as well.

The verdict:

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “I had hopes for this, but it seems to be an ordinary family anime, in the worst sense of the word.” – Hashihime
  • That’s it for the online impressions I could find.

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