Anime Review: Nekogami Yaoyorozu Episode 2

Anime Review:
Nekogami Yaoyorozu Episode 2

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Series Premise: Nekogami Yaoyorozu, or “Cat God”, is a weekly television anime series started in July 2011, based on a comedy manga series of the same name. Mayu the Cat God has been stripped of her powers and banished to the human world for her misbehavior, where she lazes around with the owner of an antique shop with the rest of her friends.

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Episode Summary: Mayu gets a special delivery at the antique shop: A massive, sealed jar too large to move into the store, blocking the entrance. Not knowing what to do, she decides to illegally dump it by the side of the road in the dead of night. The next day, Mayu is visited by Yoshino, Goddess of Cherry Blossoms, who explains that due to a mixup she sent the jar to Mayu by mistake, and it contains a special magical ash necessary for Japan’s spring cherry trees to bloom. They try to find the missing jar, but discover it has been taken away to the municipal landfill. But with the help of Mayu and all of her friends, the find the jar and save the cherry blossom season in Japan for the year.

My Impressions: I can’t say that I’m quite as entranced with this show as I was after the first episode. All the same elements were there this time around, but it didn’t quite seem to click, and the funny moments were not as funny.

Ah, well. They are all still awfully cute with their chibi, cartoony designs. And the fact that it’s a humor series that does not revolve around fart jokes, poop jokes, sexual innuendo, and/or overused anime tropes is a plus, even if that humor itself is a bit thin. However, I wonder if I’m just giving Nekogami Yaoyorozu a mulligan because I want to include a light-hearted humor series in the mix of shows I’m watching for the season. (Then again, I feel somewhat of the same way with Nichijou as well.)

This episode was *just okay*, more mildly entertaining than it was mildly boring or annoying. (Perhaps hoping for the next Hare + Guu was setting my expectations too high, neh?) But with all the shows that are in my queue, “just okay” probably won’t be enough to keep me interested. I hope the writers step up their game, otherwise Mayu and her lazy antics will go by the wayside for me.

The verdict:

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “I said before that I thought Nekogami Yaoyorozu 1 was cute. So’s episode 2, but the story was so lackluster that I may drop it anyway.” – Too Old For Anime
  • “The humor is rather weak, relying on reused gags (Meiko and Sasana fighting will be a once an episode event, it is clear). But, there’s nothing offensive and nothing particularly annoying about Cat God, so if you have half an hour on Monday nights that won’t be filled otherwise, you might as well watch this. Maybe they will strike a better vein of comedy gold down the road.” – The Fandom Post
  • …and that’s just about all I could find. Seems after the first episode, most anyone willing to blog-review it dropped the show like a hot potato.


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