Anime Review: No. 6 Episode 2

Anime Review:
No. 6 Episode 2

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Series Premise: No. 6 is a weekly anime television series started in July 2011, based on a long-running light novel series of the same name. Set in the futuristic utopian City Number 6, Shion has a bright future ahead of him — until one night he has a chance encounter with another boy, Nezumi, a petty criminal on run from the authorities. Four years pass before they meet again, and now it is Nezumi’s turn to help Shion learn about the true nature of the world around him.

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Episode Summary: Following the events of the first episode, Shion is forced to leave the upper-class central city and live a more modest life with his mother in the suburbs, where she runs a small bakery. Four years pass, Shion now is security guard in the municipal park, and Safu visits him as she prepares to leave to study at City No. 5, showing how far their life paths have diverged. Shion observes his work partner become an old man in the blink of an eye, then a strange insect emerge from his neck before his death. When Shion is questioned by the authorities, he is then whisked away in handcuffs to prison, but is saved when their car is ambushed by Nezumi. The two of them run off, evading the authorities, emerging outside the city limits as Nezumi shows Shion what the world beyond City No. 6 is really like.

My Impressions: Oh, poor Shion, even after having falling from grace once, you are still hopelessly naive. And now, reality comes crashing down hard around you…luckily you have your “boyfriend” to guide you along the way.

At twelve years old, Shion was destined to be counted among the elite of the elites of the shining city, only to have his future career path dashed on the rocks in one night by harboring the criminal Nezumi. Cast out of the lap of luxury (along with his mother…ouch), he ends up in the more working-class digs of “Lost Town”. Still quaintly comfortable and safe, albeit you have to actually work for a living. Even with such an abrupt change, Shion still seems unnaturally comfortable with his surroundings and his life, oblivious to the world around him and carefree about his future.

And it is just one careless remark about the government, combined with his four-year-old sin, which is enough to cast him further down from a lower-middle-class lifestyle directly to the correctional facility. Yes, Shion, Big Brother really is watching and listening to everything you say. Your utopian society you cherished so much does rule with a iron fist, tolerating nothing. In a moment, your life is over. Or, it would be…if Shion’s guardian angel (er, rat) did not step in and save him.

Although I wonder if Shion would truly think of himself as “saved”, having to shed every last vestige of his former life, emerging anew from the sewers in a pollution-ridden wasteland beyond the walls of the city. For someone who has lived such a comfortable and sheltered life before, any hopes of a future must seem unimaginable. Oh poor, naive, lost Shion.

So far, it’s all be set-up, and the real story is only just beginning. We, the viewers, already had an idea that not all was hinky with the “Perfect City No. 6”, and now we get to see the innocent Shion learn about the terrible truth of the world, with the world-wise Nezumi as his guide. In many aspects I feel like I’m watching an anime version of Logan’s Run. And as I noted in the first episode, as long as they keep the “BL” elements to a minimum (as in this episode, where they were essentially absent), I’m along for the ride. This could be interesting.

The verdict:

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “Whew. Well, we’ve certainly heard this record before – an adaptation of a big, complicated story in 11 episodes is never an easy thing. There was a huge amount of development packed into the episode, even discounting the time skip. But this appears to be a show that handles its plot and pacing well – I had no trouble following what was happening and things never seemed ridiculously rushed or cut short.” – Random Curiosity
  • “I have to admit, the 4 year timeskip was a bit sudden. I didn’t expect things to whizz by after only the first episode, but I guess that’s what you have to do when you only have 11 episodes to work with. Somehow, they managed to pull it off and explain everything.” – Metanorn
  • “Now let me start off by saying that if there are any guys out there who are watching this show despite the BL tones…I GIVE YOU GUYS A STANDING OVATION! :D I saw many guys complaining last week saying: “Oh hell no! Homolust! Screw this shit.” or “The hell!! Eeew, whatever. I’m out.” No.6 has proven itself to be a great story with fascinating plot so anybody who was SMART enough to keep on watching, I applaud to you.” – Anime Evo
  • “Hoho, now this is more like it. After the slow start to this series last week, things got real serious real fast in this episode. With Nezumi and Shion now all grown up adults, it looks like a rather dire conspiracy is about to start unfolding in front of their eyes. From deaths due to rapid aging and flesh-crawling bees, to the “correctional facilities” meant to bring absolute authority to the government, everything going on in this episode just stinks of a major cover up on the part of law enforcement. I guess the revelation at the end of the episode came as no surprise.” – Emory Anime Club
  • “Oooo, i just love this show. Maybe I am loving a bit more than I really should because I watched Blood-C right before this episode but, ah, this is a nice anime. The pacing of the episode was really good. Everything was fast and there were the moments where the anime took a break to indulge in the character’s mood creating a nice mixture of fast pace action, a consistent movement through the plot of the show and a slow moments where you can just enjoy the show without information overload.” – Otakuness
  • “To quote Welcome to the NHK: “CONSPIRACY! EVERYTHING IS A CONSPIRACY!” I don’t know whether or not I like dealing with conspiracies in anime, mainly because there is usually always a piece of the puzzle missing from the whole image. Though sometimes it’s played off in a way that is still thoroughly enjoyable, for example, Ergo Proxy.” – Glass Reflection


Thumbs-up for Round Two: Mawaru Penguin Drum, Kamisama Dolls, No. 6

Thumbs-down for Round Two: Blood-C

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