Anime Review: Kamisama Dolls Episode 2

Anime Review:
Kamisama Dolls Episode 2

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Series Premise: Kamisama Dolls is a weekly televised anime series started in July 2011, based on an action series by Hajime Yamamura. Billed as “Girl Meets God”, Kyouhei has moved away from his small village to start a new life away from the obligations and traumatic events of his past, shunning a life where he was the one of the masters of a powerful “god” in the form of a summoned “Doll”. But when his younger sister shows up at his doorstep following a grisly murder, he soon finds he cannot run from his past.

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Episode Summary: While Kyouhei helps Utao train with her kakashi, Kukuri, away from prying eyes at a nearby lake as Hibino looks on, they see an explosion in the distance. With the help of the doll, Utao manages to save two people, passed out from the explosion. The next day, Kyouhei discovers that one of the people that was saved is Kuuko, one of Hibino’s friends and the boisterous leader of the “True Science Club”. As the young Utao tries to learn to control Kukuri, Kyouhei explains more to Hibino why he left the village, why he no longer is in control over Kukuri, and why he actually hopes Utao would abandon that path, too — even if she does have a talent for it.

My Impressions: Following the somewhat urgent pace of the first episode, the second falls back to more of an expository role, allowing the main characters to expand more, while at the same time offering up a few humorous tidbits.

Enter the fireball Kuuko, who stands in stark contrast to the more reticent Hibino. She’s brash, she’s loud, she’s demanding…all of which is played for comedic effect. While it’s not quite clear what her role is going to be, it seems she is going to be that nosy type that is trying to uncover the deep, dark secret of the kakashi dolls. Could be fun, but I worry such an overbearing presence could become tiresome in large doses.

Going back to Hibino, who I think I may just start referring to as Boobino, since she totally lacks in any other identifiable characteristics (personality-wise, that is) other than her huge knockers, which they make sure to keep as visible in every scene she’s in as possible. Okay, she’s got big boobs, I get it already. While there is nothing wrong with that per se, the problem is that it actually distracts from the story itself, just one otherwise unnecessary element to draw away from any developing plot that she might happen to run across.

But mostly, this episode was all about defining Kyouhei in relation to his surprise-I’m-at-your-doorstep little sister. While loving and supportive to the best of his abilities, it is Kyouhei’s past that taint his feelings towards the kakashi and his sister’s relationship to it. While the flashback to the past is not fully explained, we know enough that it involves Aki and was extremely bloody and disturbing, enough that Kyouhei is willing to abandon his family, his past, and wash his hands of anything having to do with it. And now, totally against his will, he is forced to once again face such a terrible past, almost as if his fate is tied to the village. if Utao was not involved, then perhaps he could think about running away again. But instead, he uncomfortably must guide her and protect her the best he can, even if that means leading her down a path he turned away from himself.

So far, so good. This may not turn out to be the best series of the season, but if they continue to develop the story around the internal conflict Kyouhei has to face, it could turn into more than a run-of-the-mill anime action show.

The verdict:

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “The story here is much less action heavy than before, instead focusing on a regular day with nothing terribly eventful happening. We get to see Utao train with Kukuri, eat out at a picnic, play video games, and help out in the cafe she is staying at. All rather uneventful happenings, but they do do well to show just how innocent and uninvolved she seems on the surface. Seeing a sweet little girl like her getting entangled in the messy shadowy affairs of the village does strike me as rather odd.” – Emory Anime Club
  • “Well, not a bad second episode! Finally some background on Utao and how she got paired up with Kukuri. I still want to know where the dolls come from. Maybe they are made somewhere and then they get paired up with children? We can only guess at this point and hopefully we get some answers soon.” – Metanorn
  • “Back to the plot again, what does it really have going on for itself? Just ask that question. Perhaps we’ll see more of Utao’s random combat moves against the antagonist Aki? That’s the only plot I see going on so far. So am I supposed to sit here for ten more weeks until that battle is over? He’s already out of jail now, a second time I might add and he lost to Utao before her “training” started. Bottom line, I hate this show with a passion.” – Myu’s Anime Blog
  • “To put it bluntly, everything about this episode felt far too forced to really be interesting – the way a chance to show off Kukuri was introduced and created felt horribly contrived, as did the introduction of the detective investigating Kyohei’s case and his daughter. It wasn’t quite cringe-worthy, but it wasn’t very far off. ” – Hanners’ Anime Blog
  • “Kyouhei’s sister is useless. WOOHOO! Who saw that one coming? A complete shock I know. Utao barely being able to control the god doll. Psht. Perish the thought. PERISH!” – Tenchi’s Thoughts
  • “So I said this is quietly the most clever show of the season. I may or may not believe that, but I did think episode was quietly well-done. It wasn’t as stuffed with events as the premier, but the small things were well done.” – Moe Monster
  • “When Kyouhei told Hibino than he got demoted due to being unskilled with a kakashi, I thought that was utter lies. We viewers haven’t forgotten about the glimpses of the horrible past. Whatever happened, it seemed brutal. People were killed, the kakashi’s went out of control and started lazering everything. This HAS to be the reason why he left the village. He’s also probably more talented at controlling Kukuri than he let on.” – Two Over One


Thumbs-up for Round Two: Mawaru Penguin Drum, Kamisama Dolls

Thumbs-down for Round Two: Blood-C

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