Anime Review: Blood-C Episode 2

Anime Review:
Blood-C Episode 2

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Series Premise: Blood-C is a weekly television anime series starting in July 2011, the most recent in the Blood: The Last Vampire series. Saya is a normal girl, albeit a bit naive and kind-hearted. Under the guidance of her father, the head of a local shrine, she engages in bloody battles against supernatural beings.

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ep. tl;dr review: It’s like watching the first episode all over again, there’s nothing new here.

Episode Summary: During the daytime, Saya remains her cheerful, clueless, ditzy self playing with her friends at school in the small village, oblivious to the advances from the class president while going all googly over the new, taciturn, loner kid in class. But at night, she’s a vicious fighter putting her life on the line to battle the demons around the town.

My Impressions: I was not very keen on the first episode, but decided to give it another shot to redeem itself. Alas, the second episode is essentially THE SAME THING as the first episode, there’s really nothing new here.

Last episode, we learned about what a complete airhead and klutz she was, the kind of person that you quietly shake your head at and for the sake of the future of humanity the never breed. Guess what? In the second episode…it’s exactly the same. She hums her stupid little song while going to school, stops off at the cafe for a leisurely diversion, barely makes it to school on time, gets teased by her classmates, all the while with stupid smile on her face masking the fact that there’s not really much going on upstairs. Frankly, I don’t think we learned one little thing about Saya in the second episode that could have been gleaned from the first one.

Similarly, with two knock-down-drag-out battles endcapping her Happy Days, there’s nothing new in the second episode that we don’t already know in the first one. Other than her demonic enemies are as freaky as fuck. Yeah yeah, we know she’s one tough motherfucker with inhuman strength and stamina, we know she’s remorseless when it comes to dispatching the baddies with a slash from her sword. And….?

So…what is the point of this second episode AT ALL?

Well, I guess the whole point of the second episode was to put a firm exclamation point on my decision to drop Blood-C. Saya is so infuriatingly annoying to watch. But her annoying personality pales in comparison to two of her friends, the Doublemint Twins, it’s as if they did their damnedest to make them as get on my nerves.

Oh, and what’s the deal with the exaggerated body proportions on the male characters. What, is the cafe owner like 14 heads tall or something?. I know this is a Clamp-ism, but damn.

The verdict:

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “After a relatively unimpressive first showing for the next big series in the Blood franchise, Blood-C doesn’t waver from that trend and continues on in a similar manner with its second episode. The pacing is still a tad slow for my liking and reminds me of the adaptation of another CLAMP series, Kobato, which I’ve left unfinished at the halfway point with no real desire to get back to…It’s sometimes hard to give the laid-back progression the benefit of the doubt when the remaining episode count is quickly ticking away.” – Random Curiosity
  • “It started well at least, beginning with Saya in the middle of fighting Random Encounter Of the Weektm. Unfortunately, it decided to follow that with a sequence about three times as long about Saya having coffee and chatting up the barista. After that, she saw a dog. Then she went to school. Then she had lunch and tried to seduce taciturn bishie through the power of omelettes which set her off ovulating or something because she froze while the director started playing with the hue knob.” – Tenka Seiha
  • “Those twins piss me off so much, and the only way I can stand them is by thinking that the savings from replacing a real side character with a clone is what makes the battle scenes possible.” – Sea Slugs!
  • “It’s just that, so far, Blood-C isn’t a very good show. The pacing is odd, the supporting characters haven’t really jumped off the screen and there’s no emotional imperative behind the action. And worst of all, for me, Saya has been a singularly unimpressive heroine. Maybe this clumsy, dim-witted girl who sings annoying songs about laundry and sweets will win me over – and I surely hope that happens, as I would like nothing better than to become a fan of this show.” – Lost in America
  • “Blood C is moving pretty slowly so far and they still haven’t explained much. I like the double persona thing they have going on, but they seem to be focusing more on the clumsy Saya and I’m not finding her that interesting because it just doesn’t seem to be connecting to the storyline. I just hope the next episode has less singing and more plot.” – Metanorn
  • “I rather enjoyed episode one and felt like it did everything required from it to set things up for the rest of the series; such positive thoughts seem to have been dashed upon the rocks of reality this week however, as it’s become clear that episode two is suffering from what I’m going to call “Star Driver disease”…I’m not going to say that Blood-C sucks just yet…but unless something drastic happens sooner rather than later the prognosis is not good.” – Hanners’ Anime Blog


Thumbs-up for Round Two: none yet

Thumbs-down for Round Two: Blood-C

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  1. cucuc says:

    Bailing out of Blood-C is a good idea. Read this article titled “2011 Ultra-Nihilist CLAMP Cartoons That Hate Everybody, Especially You: Blood-C” and you’ll understand:

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