Anime Review: Tiger and Bunny Episode 5

Anime Review:
Tiger and Bunny Episode 5

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Series Premise: Tiger and Bunny is a weekly anime television series that started airing in April 2011. In a world where super powers exist, costumed superheroes compete in a popular televised contest of skills, for the glory of their fans…and their sponsors. One old-school hero, Wild Tiger, finds himself down on his luck, and forced to team up with the flashy, younger upstart, Bunny.

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ep. tl;dr review: We’re back to the silly Odd Couple antics, alas; Would you like some CHEEEEEEESE with that?

Episode Summary: Barnaby continues to be frustrated by Kotetsu’s attitude. However, Kotetsu pushes forward with a plan to throw Barnaby a surprise birthday party, with the help of the rest of the Heroes. But the surprise goes awry when they get tangled up in a diamond heist. Tiger and Bunny try to pummel the villain into submission, but cannot break through his obdurate armor until the last second using their combined powers for the knock-out.

My Impressions: Ugh. Double ugh. This episode was so off-putting that I don’t think I can stomach to watch any more. I already knew how excessively cheesy the whole series was with the asinine antics of the superheroes and the hokey storylines. But I was hopeful that it would be more of a meta-series that dealt with the reality of super powers in a modern-day society, what with the problems of corporate sponsorships, television ratings and the 24/7 media news cycle.

Unfortunately, it seems that the producers decided to go the other route with the crazy mishaps of a hopelessly mismatched tag-team. Think Murtagh and Riggs. Think Joe Friday and Pep Streebek. Think Tango and Cash. Think Axel Foley and Rosewood. I think you get the idea. It’s little more than a good cop/bad cop routine only with superheroes, and I’m so not into that.

As for the individual story in this episode itself, that’s what really put Tiger and Bunny into the “this is hopelessly stupid” category for me. The whole idea of setting up a fake crime complete with bad acting was exceptionally absurd. The way they botched it was triple facepalm-worthy. The comically over-the-top small-time villain (mind you, we still have no real hint of any serious antagonists, just comic-relief-level baddies) was ultra-craptacular, like something out of a sixties Kirby comic book. Follow that up with a “Powah of Teamwork” lesson/moment at the end, and it’s enough to make my head explode.

No sir, I did not like it. To put it mildly. This is not the series that I wanted. Dropped.

Oh, and one more thing: Is it just me, or did the quality of the animation (not the art, but the animation) take a real serious nosedive, or has it always been this poor? The static images with flapping gums really stood out to me.

Postscript: After reading various online impressions after I wrote all the above, my negative opinion is clearly in the minority. Oh well, it’s hardly the first time I’ve gone against the grain.

The verdict:

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “Oh, I loved this episode. It was quite silly, but it poked fun at a lot of superhero cliches in the process, and yet at the same time it gave a lot of depth to Barnaby’s character. This show understands what makes a good episodic series!” – Star Crossed Anime Blog
  • “iger and Bunny is just pure, silly, shameless fun. It takes silliness and makes it an art form. This was probably my favourite episode so far too, due to the leap in levels of both humour and super power gimmicks. The whole episode revolved around a ridiculous concept with enough TigerxBunny fodder to keep pixiv abuzz for way more than a week. And I am completely okay with this.” – Metanorn
  • “It’s pretty silly, but I loved it. These characters have great chemistry, and it’s fun to watch their klutzy personalities bounce off each other. Perhaps more anime companies should take 4-Koma girls and transform them into manly-looking superheroes. The results are comedy gold. Besides, Sky High is so HNNNNG.” – Sekijitsu
  • “You’d think a concept like this would be tricky to handle but Tiger & Bunny does it so well not because it tries to be overly different but rather because it embraces the cliches and works its way around them to make them feel fresh and relevant again. ” – Hachimitsu
  • “So far, one of my favorite episodes in the series due to its cliche level of comedy. I mean seriously, that joke about pulling surprise birthday parties to one guy and some random unexpected event happen which is similar to their supposed plan is used most of the time and the end result of it unexpected, which makes this episode unique in its own way.” – Orend’s Range
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2 Responses to Anime Review: Tiger and Bunny Episode 5

  1. theidolhands says:

    I haven’t had a chance to watch this myself, but I kind of feared there was little else than what you described going on — a sort of male Dirty Pair idea? Only not quite that cool. Also, the fangirl squee at certain levels always makes me raise a Vulcan eyebrow regarding actually quality of storyline versus doki-doki slash opportunity fluff. However, there is some sort of amoral character that a friend has told me is my doppleganger and so I may have to give the series a chance.

    I agree that the quality animation is what initially caught my eye.

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