Anime Review: Steins;Gate Episode 5

Anime Review:
Steins;Gate Episode 5

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Series Premise: Steins;Gate is a 24-episode weekly television series that started in April 2011, based on an X-Box video game by 5pb. A small group of friends headed by self-proclaimed mad scientist Rintarou Okabe (a.k.a. Hououin) manage to create a way to send messages into the past using a modified microwave oven. However, a larger, more sinister government organization has also been doing research in time travel and Rintarou’s group soon finds itself in danger.

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ep. tl;dr review: “It’s green banana jelly time!” They learn time travel is possible, as long as you don’t mind dying in the process.

Episode Summary: Returning back to the lab with the IBN-5100, Kurisu’s mere presence shocks and angers Suzuha. Rintarou heads out for computer parts, and Suzuha darkly and enigmatically warns him about Kurisu. The computer decodes the SERN reports, and they learn of several human experiments with time travel, which were successful…except that everyone was turned into green jelly and died as a result. Rintarou vows to perfect his time machine before SERN does.

My Impressions: Not much to say, really, since this yet another episode of explanation and exposition as more about SERN (er…CERN) and the nature of time travel are revealed. Rintarou continues with his “Mad Scientist” routine because her really is completely nuts (it ain’t an act, folks), which is certainly charming after a fashion, but I can also see it getting very tiring in large doses. Hence, I can feel sorry for Kurisu, who has to put up with his antics, albeit out of her own volition.

Speaking of Kurisu, the sudden negative reaction from Suzuha was interesting, and I have no doubt that both characters are much more than they seem. I would not be surprised if either of them turned out to be an agent for that “eeeeeeeeevil” organization SERN, or time-traveler/alternate dimension jumper/whatever. In fact, the only character that truly seems to be exactly as he/she seems is Rintarou, who is so easy to read because his personality is so overwhelming and he wears it on his sleeve without reservation.

In any case, I don’t have much to say about the plot, because it is *still* unraveling after five episodes, and it most definitely is taking its own sweet, sweet time to develop. I’m kinda lukewarm to Steins;Gate, and waiting for some actual conflict or something to actually happen, which I hope occurs soon before I lose interest completely.

The verdict: – Still plodding along, operative word is “plodding”.

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “Every time I stop taking Steins;gate seriously, it kind of throws me a really good suspense scene. It’s a troll. This show is trolling me so hard. It’s like Ruka represents Steins;Gate as a whole; you think you have it figured out, but even then… You’re never really 100% sure.” – Sea Slugs!
  • “The funny thing about this series is that, so far, it has devoted almost every single episode to purely buildup, complete with a lot of exposition. All this build up does help make the story premise bring up a lot of questions and theories behind what exactly is going on, and it adds intrigue to the whole supposed time travel conspiracy going on here. At the same time, though, this series is lacking in a notable conflict of any sort, and with the rather relaxed pacing here, the buildup is rather slow. Grade: 3.8/5.” – Emory Anime Club
  • “I loved how I felt that they were really onto something beyond being a rag-tag team of losers with nothing to show for their meddling. Looks like we’re starting to get knee-deep in conspiracies and actually getting that time machine to work.” – Metanorn
  • “In this episode: the clear hint that the main characters aren’t what they seem. Makise Kurisu apparently did something to Suzyha Amane but this was somewhere in the future so she didn’t actually do that yet. In other words this episode was foreshadowing things that are about to happen. The interesting thing is that we were promised an dimensional time conspiracy thriller, and here this series is going “screw that for now, first I want to set everything up correctly!”” – Star Crossed Anime Blog
  • “Once we got the damn machine into the room it got quite repetitive with each scene then on out. I’m practically looking at the same frame reused 5 different times but at least the plot is slowly moving forward. We’re getting to the juicy parts of time traveling and SERNs intervention. Not quite there yet but I can only hope we get there by the next episode. So far this show has really been dragging it along, I know, but they’ve been keeping up on the Kurisu and Mayuri fan service I suppose.” – Myu’s Anime Blog
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