Anime Review: Ano Hana Episode 5

Anime Review:
Ano Hana Episode 5

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Series Premise: Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai, a.k.a. “We Still Don’t Know the Name of the Flower We Saw That Day”, shortened “AnoHana”, is a weekly anime television series started in April 2011. This is an original series, the latest in the Fuji TV Noitamina time-slot. Ten years after the death of a childhood friend, Menma, everyone seems to have moved on with their lives, except Jinta. When Menma’s ghost suddenly appears, Jinta must confront both his past and present life.

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ep. tl;dr review: More tear-jerking, more drama, more angst, more navel-gazing; about time for some healing, yes?

Episode Summary: Atsumu blames himself for Menma’s death, which is the source of his obsession, and Chiriko intentionally forced the confrontation between Atsumo and Jinta to help him try to get over it. Naruko uncomfortably hangs out with friends, and then is whisked away to a love hotel against her will, only to be saved by Atsumu. Poppo visits Jinta, and ends up pleading with Menma to allow her to see him.

My Impressions: After the shocker of Atsumu crying in the forest while cross-dressing as Menma, I expected much more of a blow-up, instead of him slinking off defeated and depressed with the rest of the group looking on pitiably. Okay, now we know how Mr. Perfect is screwed up, beating himself up with the belief he is responsible for her death, and insanely jealous that he’s not the one who can see Menma’s ghost. Now what?

Well, now we get some more navel-gazing by Jinta as he tries to figure out what the hell he’s doing. And we get more navel-gazing Naruko as she starts to realize that her friends-not-really-friends are a way for her to avoid dealing with her own issues. And most disturbing of all, Poppo blowing a mental fuse, sadly begging into the empty air to see Menma while she cowers in a corner and Jinta looking on in shame. Yup, everyone’s screwed up, alright.

I’m trying to figure out a “way out” of all this, now that the series has reached the halfway point. If this is all about healing old wounds, they certainly ripped off the scabs and it’s about time to start treating them, methinks. Another interesting point is this episode was the first time that Jinta was able to supply some kernel of proof of Menma’s existence, when he mentions the hairpin to Atsumu (something only he and Menma would know about). Hmmm.

The verdict:

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “That was yet again amazing. Again, every character played a major role in this episode and nobody was left out. This series really never fails to pull at my heartstrings. ” – Star Crossed Anime Blog
  • “Overall, the episode really makes good use on the momentum the previous delivered. It didn’t set another bar like its first 4 episodes did. It did maintain the a good deal of drama on it. There isn’t really any question as to how Ano Hana will direct itself to be better. It is a very good show, and shows no weakness toward its product. If one flaw should be pointed out, is that we have to wait a week for the next one to appear.” – The Dere Moe Project
  • “Urgh, I just wish Menma doesn’t interfere with shit. Just because nobody else but Jintan can see her that doesn’t mean she can butt in whenever. Can’t she see how crucial things are between Jintan and Yukiatsu? Can’t she see how she affected them so? Gah! Sometimes I just want to shake her till her teeth rattle and knock some sense into her air head, ghost or not. She’s invading privacy.” – Conspicuous Klux
  • “You’re probably becoming tired of me saying this over and over by now, but I love the drama in AnoHana. I really don’t think it’s been done this well, except, perhaps, heavyweights like Clannad, Air, or True Tears. However, I digress. AnoHana makes itself unique and interesting by making the “growing-up” aspect a main focus. Sure, the “osananajimi” route is often played in many of those other romance drama anime, but very seldom to this extent.” – The Kotatsu
  • “Man, this episode was kind of depressing in a few scenes. The one scene towards the end, in particular, really did pluck at the heartstrings a bit. Once again, this series focuses in on the characters trying to slowly mend their torn relationships, and heal themselves in the process, but this time this expands a bit to focus more on the previously mostly unexplained cast. ” – Emory Anime Club
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