Anime Review: Yumekui Merry Episode 10

Anime Review:
Yumekui Merry Episode 10

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Series Premise: Yumekui Merry, a.k.a. “Dream Eater Merry” is a 13-part weekly television series that aired between January and April 2011, based on fantasy manga series by Ushiki Yoshitaka. Since an event ten years ago, Yumeji has had the ability to see others’ auras and predict their dreams, but has also been tormented with the same dream involving cats. One day a dream demon named Merry falls on top of him; and while she searches for her own way back to the world of dreams and nightmares, they must also prevent nightmares’ attempts to enter the waking life of the real world.

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ep. tl;dr review: Still setting things up; Slowly, inexorably crawling towards the climax

Episode Summary: As Isana is blissfully unaware that she is targeted, Yumeji tries to prepare for the inevitable battle. He meets up with Yui and Engi to confirm they are allies, even if they disagree with a possible solution. Meanwhile, loner Chizuru is conflicted over her desire to help Isana and her pact with her dream demon.

My Impressions: You know what Yumekui Merry’s major problem is? The pacing. It looks like there is actually a story hidden away somewhere here, but it’s hard to glean it out with the confusing, staggered pacing of the story itself. And they have this extremely annoying habit (which I already pointed out earlier) of going over the same stuff over and over again without adding anything substantially new. Last episode was all big build-up as we prepare for the big battle between Yumeji, Merry versus Hercules and his minions; it’s all about making sure all of the chess pieces are on the board and in their proper places. And this episode…was essentially more of the same. More build-up, more getting all the ducks in a row, more tension as it grows towards some big fight.

Frankly, that’s getting old, and I want some actual conflict and resolution at this point. Stop with all the introspection and angst and self-questioning already, and get on with it (all of that is fine, but too much is too much). Not only that, but we *still* don’t really know about Merry’s true nature and why she’s there, and we *still* don’t know of the reason for the special relationship between her and Yumeji dating back to the events a decade past (other than the barest vague allusions). Three episodes remain, and I hope it shifts into second gear soon. But, as I mentioned last time, this series does have one major advantage over another show I’m watching at the same time, Fractale: Yumekui Merry actually has likable characters, which goes a long ways.

The verdict:

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “This episode only affirmed the strengths and weaknesses of this series. It was a build-up for the finale…but it still showcased its rock-solid characters, excellent acting, and unfortunately not very ambitious backstory. ” – Star Crossed Anime Blog
  • “After all the buildup in the previous episode, I can’t help but be a little disappointed with this week’s episode. Kawanami’s backstory turned out to be a little lacking, and not to mention, Elcles turned out to be your typical evil villain. I guess I was expecting a more complex backstory to each of them, so it’s probably my misplaced expectations at work here. We pretty much just got all buildup towards the confrontation between Treesea and Merry, with Isana’s future at stake here. Grade: 3.7/5” – Emory Anime Club
  • “Honestly, this is not great anime and the pleasures it provides are simple ones – watching the genuinely likable core characters interact and be funny. The premise is interesting but I think it needed to be a little more direct and streamlined – at this point the show feels like it’s trying to do too much, and that’s reflected in the inconsistency of the pacing.” – Lost in America
  • “I’m also not entirely convinced with Elcres’ reason for taking over reality because they can’t have ..dreams.. Intentional irony? Seriously, a better reason would be no reason at all. Someone needs to make up their mind whether or not dream demons ARE dreams themselves, and if not, explain why the hell they embody their vessel’s dreams.” – Random Curiosity
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