Anime Review: Gosick Episode 10

Anime Review:
Gosick Episode 10

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Series Premise: Gosick is a 24-part weekly television series that began airing in January 2011, based on a light novel series by Fujimi Shobo. Kazuya is a young exchange student who arrives at a European academy in 1924, where he meets with the diminutive but brilliant recluse Victorique. Together, they solve the impossible-to-solve mysteries, with the help of the local inspector.

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ep. tl;dr review: Mystery solved, kidnapped girls saved, back to the academy for Kujo.

Episode Summary: Kujo is “kidnapped” by the missing girl in the basement, who apparently escaped. With her help along with the street urchin, they uncover a pattern of missing girls tied in with the department store. Kujo asks for Victorique’s help, and along with the Inspector uncover a kidnapping/slavery/smuggling ring, and everyone wins happily ever after.

My Impressions: I am so glad that I didn’t try to get wrapped up in trying to solve the mystery. I learned my lesson from the previous couple of WTF-esque mysteries over the previous episodes, and realized that trying to puzzle it out based on the clues presented in the show is futile. Just watch the show, and turn the brain off.

Sure enough, there were a couple of twists that could never have been expected (like Anastasia picking up Kujo, or the blue fluorescence handprints), and some epically stupid ideas (like dropping the priceless gem to see if it doesn’t break). Mystery solved, bad guys go to jail, good guys are rewarded, and Kujo returns to a convalescing Victorique. All is well with the world. I guess.

Now that our dynamic duo are truly back together, perhaps we can get some more of that unique rapport between them again. Because when they are on their own, Gosick was less interesting. Since the mysteries themselves are not worth watching, that just leaves the character interactions, which can be entertaining. So with the two of them back together again, there’s hope for future of the series.

On the other hand, one of the most troubling aspects of the show that I have not really talked about but other bloggers have raged about is Kujo’s brain-melting stupidity. When Victorique handed him the ‘Idiot’ note, they may intended it as ironically endearing. But there’s so much more truth to the label than they intended. Over the past several episodes, Kujo repeatedly does things that make you want to throw things at the screen in anger. To see him in action makes me wish I had a dozen faces so I could do a dozen facepalms at once.

I may or may not drop this series at the halfway point. The next couple of episodes will be the test to see if it remains interesting enough to continue. Oh, and the occasional, yet still very vague, hints that there is a much larger game afoot continues to pique my interest (in this case it was the “magician” Brian Roscoe) – develop some more of that angle, please. Because these smaller mysteries ain’t cutting it.

The verdict:

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “The only merit of this arc was Victorique. Especially that nightmare at the end of the episode was excellent. I’ve said this before: this series sucks in terms of the small picture, but it has some pretty good stuff in the big picture. Just cut away these random mysteries. This show just isn’t good at them.” – Star Crossed Anime Blog
  • “This episode actually was pretty good, but then again, it was much less focused on mystery and more focused on the actual police raid of the shop. Because of that, there really wasn’t much that the episode could really mess up. Grade 3.8/5.” – Emory Anime Club
  • “Anyway, it was boring as snot and even more reliant on Kazuya and Grevil’s ability to carry an episode, which is damn near a negative value, if not an imaginary number. They even had to toss in some random stuff with the magician that mugged Kazuya to fill the rest of the episode out.” – Tenka Seiha
  • “Just disappointing. There was so much wrong with this episode it’s hard to know where to start. Maybe it’s better to pretend that this never happened. Yeah…it never happened…^.^” – Meeping Anime Blog
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