Anime Review: Astarotte no Omocha EX OVA

Anime Review:
Astarotte no Omocha EX OVA

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Series Premise: Astarotte no Omocha, or “Astarotte’s Toy” is an anime series from Spring 2011, set in a fantasy world where the coming-of-age demon princess must form a harem and consume male semen to survive. However, Princess Lotte hates all men, and sets the condition that she will only accept a human male, knowing full well that the realm has been separated from Earth for generations. But through an unexpected rip in the dimensions opens a portal to Japan, where a young Japanese man and his young daughter meet Lotte — cringeworthy hilarity ensues. Following the series, a single OVA titled “Astarotte no Omocha EX” was released in September 2011.

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ep. tl;dr review: More pedobear bait, that’s all you need to know.

Spoiler-free Episode Summary: Three short stories involving Lotte and her friends. In the first story, Asuha is running around with her homework assignment, where she records the types of underwear everyone in the kingdom wears (this mostly involves flipping lots of skirts). In the second story, a much younger Zelda meets with a younger Lotte, and learns the confidence she needs to become her personal guard. In the third (and most disturbing story), eleven years back the still-alive Queen falls through the dimensions to Japan, where she meets with the young Naoya.

My Impressions: There’s only so much eye-bleach in the world…

Back in June I reviewed the first episode of the regular series , and my conclusion was that no matter what the story was about, I could not get over the fact that it was about a ten year old girl who is forced to eat semen. Seriously, I have no idea how this show made it onto the air. Fast-forward to the present, and this one-off Original Video Animation is…no different.

One small frustration is that visually, it is a very nice show, attractive designs and well executed, looks like they spend money on this. But pretty pictures mean nothing if there isn’t a story to back it up, and in this case the very premise itself makes this a non-starter from the get-go.

If I’m understanding the point of the third portion of this OVA properly, it seems to indicate that the demon queen traveled to Japan, met with an elementary school Naoya, seduced him, raped him, and that Lotte is really his daughter from that union, even though neither of them realize it. Please, I hope I got that wrong, but I don’t give a flying fuck to find out how close I am to the truth. No matter what, that’s just half a dozen kinds of wrong.

Astarotte no Omocha is the type of show that should not only be avoided, but ACTIVELY SHUNNED by the anime viewing community, and anyone professing to be a fan should be ridiculed and ostracized. This is exactly the type of show that lawmakers and busybodies like to point at to show how evil and immoral anime is.

The verdict:

For more information:

Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “And here I was thinking that I was done with this stupid pedophile show. But no, they tough it was a great idea to make an OVA just in case some pedophile were not yet satisfied. and boy did they make you the awesome Pedophile OVA.” – Angry Anime Bitches
  • “Either way, this OVA pretty much sucked as the plot is too short. They should have make it at least an hour long or so the episode is much more interesting and doesn’t suck, like this.” – Doragon Den
  • “Basically made up of three segments based on manga chapters, this OVA is highly worth it for Mercelida’s first meeting with Naoya. The other two segments…you can skip those two since they are pretty shit/boring and skip to the third one.” – Kurogane’s Anime Blog


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