Anime Review: Sorette Dakara Ne!

Anime Review:
Sorette Dakara Ne!

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Series Premise: Sorette Dakara Ne! is an eight-minute short featuring the members of the Japanese faux-talent group AGC38, aimed for cell phones in June, 2011. A young high school girl faces a dire medical prognosis, and is cheered on by her friends…all 37 of them.

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ep. tl;dr review: 38 flavorless, talentless, nameless girls make a video; Yawwwwwwn.

Spoiler-free Episode Summary: A high school girl is hospitalized with some unnamed problem. She is offered the choice of surgery…but with only a 2% chance of success. Dejected, she mopes around all day, agonizing over whether she should get the surgery or not. Meanwhile, all of her high school friends try to cheer her up and convince her to get the surgery.

My Impressions: Oh Japan…You so crazy!

This is one of those times when people on other countries point at Japan and muse at how incredibly unusual they can be at times. In this case, it is the recent trend that if one pop idol is good, then two should be better. And if two are better, then four will be even better. And if four are even better…well, you can see where this is going. This idol multiplication reached the fevered heights of extraneousness with the creation of AKB48, featuring 48 girls with little or no talent who look almost exactly the same as each other, singing in unison or groups on stage. Not satisfied with just a “mere” 48 members of the group, it has since spawned “sister” groups SKD48, SDN48, NMB48, JKT48 and HKT48. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before every single girl under the age of 30 in Japan is a member of some idol group.

While AGC38 (“Asahi Girls Collective”) is not directly related to the above super-idol-monstrosity, it is definitely cut from the same cloth as a gaggle of 38 giggling girls. Sorette Dakara Ne! is a short film featuring the girls…well, one of them in particular, and her 37 bestest friends in the whole wide world. It’s a five minute vignette about her being all depressed and hospitalized and shit, followed by three minutes of credits (because it takes that long just to list all the name of these otherwise nameless girlmatons). Unlike the Love Live! Snow Halation short that I inadvertently reviewed earlier this year, it’s not a music video, but an actual honest-to-god story. Well…as much as you can get in five minutes.

Enough about the background. What about the story itself? Well, it’s pretty bad. You have sick girl being all depressed and mopey and sad, and you have all her friends being selfish and pushy. I very rarely make a point of mentioning voice acting in my reviews, but in this one it was so noticeably poor that I have to point it out.

If the brain trust behind AGC38 was floating this to test the waters for more projects, then as a dispassionate, non-fan observer I have to say it really is a sub-par effort that doesn’t deserve as much time as I’ve spent writing so far. But I have no doubt that the existing fanbase in Japan will eat this up…as they always do. Those mega-ultra girl groups have some pretty hardcore followers.

The verdict:

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

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