Anime Review: Hyouge Mono Episode 4

Anime Review:
Hyouge Mono Episode 4

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Series Premise: Hyouge Mono is a televised weekly anime series started in April 2011, based on the prize-winning manga series by Yoshihiro Yamada. Set in sixteenth century Japan, Furuta Sasuke is conflicted by his loyalty to his master, and his undying appreciation of tea.

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ep. tl;dr review: Parade of fashion as Nobunaga revels; Tea master Senno boils up a conspiratorial plot.

Episode Summary: A grand parade through the city, as Nobunaga and various military generals ride through the city on their horse in all their gallant resplendence, with various participants receiving high or low marks for their fashion sense. Sasuke and General Hashiba visit the revered tea master Senno. While Sasuke gets totally schooled by Senno’s assistant on teaware, Hashiba discusses politics with Senno, who darkly suggests a coup against Nobunaga.

My Impressions: Truth be told, this was just a “meh” episode, didn’t quite capture the biting, off-kilter charm of the first three episodes — mostly because Sasuke largely takes a back seat as events swirl around him. It’s quite clear that the vainglorious Nobunaga has delusions of grandeur — sure, he may have been able to pull it all off until now, but it seems his appetite is getting the best of him. Sasuke may be a truly loyal vassal, but he can even see dark clouds on the horizon.

Meanwhile, Senno turns out to be a more powerful “behind the scenes” powerbroker than just a simple tea-master. Perhaps I should have picked that up when he revealed that he was the one who lent Akechi the prized tea bowl. And now, it seems quite clear (even if the words are not) that he is trying to orchestrate Nobunaga’s downfall. Hashiba is just left stunned.

Let’s hope that the next episode of Hyouge Mono returns back to more of Sasuke, since he really is the heart and soul of the show. Without him, this is just a dry historical fiction drama. With him, it becomes…FABULOUS!.

The verdict:

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “Oh god. I really admire the balls that this series have. Heck, this episode was even less mainstream than the previous episodes were! At least those had some action. This episode was nothing but some guys standing and sitting around, talking. And it just went on and on, for twenty minutes! I still can’t believe that the creators actually had the guts to make such a commercially risky series here. So yeah, I obviously loved this episode.” – Star Crossed Anime Blog
  • “This episode was a little harder for me to get into compared to the first three because of the subject matter. The first half is about fashion clothes, and the second half shows Sasuke talking about tea jars with another aesthete. Sure, the scenes were a little humorous, but they didn’t quite grab my full attention.” – Meeping Anime


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