Anime Review: Deadman Wonderland Episode 4

Anime Review:
Deadman Wonderland Episode 4

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Series Premise: Deadman Wonderland is a weekly anime television series that started airing in April 2011, based on a popular manga series by Jinsei Kataoka and Kazuma Kondou. Ganta, the sole survivor when his classroom is attacked, is convicted for murdering all of his classmates. Sent away to a private prison called “Deadman Wonderland” where the convicts entertain the public, Ganta must fight for his own survival with an unlikely ally.

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ep. tl;dr review: Ganta is still a wuss; Massive infodump episode.

Episode Summary: Ganta meets another ‘Deadman’ Crow, who can manipulate blood as a weapon. After a brief battle, Ganta learns about the Branches of Sin and the Wretched Egg, and also that Crow is not the “Red Man” who attacked Ganta’s school, as he first thought. Special prison guards subdue them, separating Yo and Shiro, dumping them out of the G-Block. Crow is taken to infirmary, and Ganta is detained by prison warden Tamaki (who was his defense attorney and also rigged the trial), who painfully exposed Ganta to the Corpse Carnival and how he will have to face off against Crow in a battle to the death.

My Impressions: Okay, I already knew this was a pretty rough show, but it’s just getting darker and more sadistic. And not in a grimly sarcastic way (y’know, where you mix over-the-top gore and violence with tongue-in-cheek comedy. Think Robocop. Think Total Recall.), but more in a just-plain-sadistic way. I’ve already given the show a big, fat mulligan on the plot — now if it’s going to just be flat-out mean-spirited, why am I watching? Well, I guess it has mostly been that way for the past three episodes, but this fourth episode seems to bring it all more into focus.

The other problem I have with Deadman Wonderland is the main protagonist himself: Ganta is a world-class wuss. Yeah, I know he’s had to face horrors beyond imagination, and his extended shellshock is understandable. But that does not make it any more *enjoyable* to watch him snivel and whine and wail at his fate. Okay, we get it. Now grow some balls already. Deadman Wonderland would be much easier to digest if the main character wasn’t so annoying.

And I still don’t have a fucking clue why Shiro is even there, or what she is doing. Really, guys, what’s the point of her existence? Everyone just accepts she is “just there”…and that’s it? I’m sure there’s a point to Her Albinoness. Hell if I can figure it out.

The verdict: – Just barely. I don’t like where this is going.

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “Deadman Wonderland is dark. Conspiracy, treachery, torture, death, sadness–all is a common everyday occurrence in Ganta’s Wonderland, and in this episode he finds there is a new level to this maddening place. Kana Hanazawa’s childish voice barely makes the show a little brighter (although word on the street is that some people find Shiro quite annoying)…Yes, Deadman Wonderland is dark… so dark that it’s impossible to see anything, damnit! Ffffffff–” – Sekijitsu
  • “This show is completely based around being fanservice for violence fans, so it’s a real drag to still have everything censored. It’s not like I watch for the plot. Let’s hope there’s more violence next week, because that’s what this show was about. We’re on the right track but I want more, more, more!” – Metanorn
  • “This. Is one heck of a mind-screw. I mean, holy crap: this episode went even farther than this show already has in order to make the main characters’ life hell. Heck, this episode devolved into complete psychological torture!” – Star Crossed Anime Blog
  • “My concern still remains that the series is focusing too much on bloody violence, shock tactics (including an oh-so blatant rip-off of one of A Clockwork Orange’s more iconic scenes) and the brutal “games” of Deadman Wonderland rather than the more interesting questions that the series has posed in its early episodes; if nothing else, Shiro really needs to be given some kind of background and quickly to avoid simply being Ganta’s cute/annoying deus ex machina whenever he gets into trouble.” – Hanners’ Anime Blog
  • “Really he’s just a kid tossed into an adults world about which he has NO idea about. Just veeery painful to watch. It was a bit like seeing a fish flopping about on a beach trying to breathe. Actually this whole episode is a painful watch when you consider Ganta’s situation.” – Anime Evo


Thumbs-up for Round Four: Steins;Gate (barely), Deadman Wonderland (also barely)

Thumbs-down for Round Four: None yet.

Coming up next (in this order): Hanasaku Iroha, Ano Hana, Tiger and Bunny, Nichijou, Yondemasuyo Azazel-san, C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control, Blue Exorcist, Kaiji Season 2, Hyouge Mono

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