Anime Review: Ano Hana Episode 4

Anime Review:
Ano Hana Episode 4

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Series Premise: Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai, a.k.a. “We Still Don’t Know the Name of the Flower We Saw That Day”, shortened “AnoHana”, is a weekly anime television series started in April 2011. This is an original series, the latest in the Fuji TV Noitamina time-slot. Ten years after the death of a childhood friend, Menma, everyone seems to have moved on with their lives, except Jinta. When Menma’s ghost suddenly appears, Jinta must confront both his past and present life.

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ep. tl;dr review: Jinta and Real Menma confront Atsumu and Fake Menma; Yikes, looks like someone has even bigger issues than Jinta here.

Episode Summary: After Atsumu crashes the party with the revelation that he has also been seeing Menma’s ghost, the festive mood is broken. However, much of what Atsumu says about Menma does not ring true. Chiriko urges him to confront Atsumu, challenging him about his “fake” ghost. When the group gathers at Poppo’s that night (all except Atsumu), they see a ghost in a white dress in the woods; after chasing the ghost down, they discover it is Atsumu.

My Impressions: More teenage angst and drama as we learn that the upstanding Atsumu is actually much more screwed up over Menma’s death than loser-boy Jinta. I mean, it seems pretty clear that every one of the five survivors have been greatly affected in one way or another, and I suspect that Menma’s “wish” is that everyone is able to get over their issues and be friends once again. So far we’ve really only delved into detail about Jinta’s hang-ups, and a little bit on Naruko’s insecurities as well. Now we add the otherwise-rock-solid Atsumu to that list as his stalker-ish behavior and Menma cross-dressing is exposed (Quick! That Boy Needs Therapy!). Looks to me like the whole series is about bringing the characters’ problems to the forefront so they can *finally* confront them and move forward. So far, haven’t really seen how Chiriko or Tetsudou have been affected, but I’m sure their problems will also be brought out soon enough.

Does anyone really believe that Menma is really present? I mean, I don’t think Jinta is even sure, just as easily willing to accept that she’s a construct of his subconscious. Most everyone else seems to be just going along with the idea (well, except for tricky Atsumu), I don’t think they really believe Menma-ghost exists (even Tetsudou), but are willing to entertain the idea for Jinta’s sake, but also for their own ulterior motives as well.

In any case, back to Atsumu. Yeah, that’s some pretty fucked up shit right there. I have no idea how this is going to play out next episode, but it isn’t going to be pretty.

The verdict: – Sure, it’s a sappy soap opera, but entertaining.

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “Since this is such a sensitive issue, I’m interested to see the way they choose to have the characters react to Yukiatsu from this point on. While the guy has shown his true colors, he had previously gone a long way to create this illusion of him being normal. Now that that’s all shattered, how he reacts from this point on will be critical to the group’s mission of getting back together.” – Sekijitsu
  • “When Tsururu calls out for Yukiatsu, I feel like crying for him. He looks so pathetic in that dress and suddenly Tsururu’s method seems too cruel. He invokes too many emotions for me in this one. Such depth in characters. God, I love this show.” – Conspicuous Klux
  • “As for the rest of the episode, it’s definitely a step up from the last one. The drama, while not as good as the first episode, feels a bit more “there” again. I am feeling a faint lackingness still, but I think that’s me just being nitpicky. I’m glad that the group didn’t suddenly become all “happy happy friends desu!” like the last episode led me to believe. I was also excited over the hinting towards Menma’s death. Keep it coming ‘til the big reveal.” – Starlight Promise
  • “Hello, viewers. Look at your AnoHana. Now back a season to Hourou Musuko. Now to AnoHana, now back to Hourou Musuko. AnoHana is a different show from Hourou Musuko. But if Yukiatsu starts wearing lady’s clothing AnoHana could look like Hourou Musuko. Look down, now up, you’re in a forest with the Hourou Musuko themes your AnoHana could develop. What’s on your screen? It’s a boy with brown hair wearing a dress. Look again. noitaminA is now on a three-series crossdressing streak (Kuragehime, Hourou Musuko, and AnoHana.) Anything is possible when you watch the programming block with the best anime series.” – THAT Anime Blog
  • “Maybe being caught in women’s clothing masquerading as a dead love interest will serve as the needed first step for that. As I said, Anohana defied my expectations by bringing this up so quickly, so I honestly don’t know what will happen next. And I’m quite okay with that. ” – The Anti-Otaku


Thumbs-up for Round Four: Steins;Gate, Deadman Wonderland, Hanasaku Iroha, Ano Hana

Thumbs-down for Round Four: None yet.

Coming up next (in this order): Tiger and Bunny, Nichijou, Yondemasuyo Azazel-san, C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control, Blue Exorcist, Kaiji Season 2, Hyouge Mono

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