Anime Review: Yumekui Merry Episode 8

Anime Review:
Yumekui Merry Episode 8

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Series Premise: Yumekui Merry, a.k.a. “Dream Eater Merry” is a 13-part weekly television series that aired between January and April 2011, based on fantasy manga series by Ushiki Yoshitaka. Since an event ten years ago, Yumeji has had the ability to see others’ auras and predict their dreams, but has also been tormented with the same dream involving cats. One day a dream demon named Merry falls on top of him; and while she searches for her own way back to the world of dreams and nightmares, they must also prevent nightmares’ attempts to enter the waking life of the real world.

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ep. tl;dr review: Merry loves donuts; Yumeji meets with Engi again and learns more about Hercules.

Episode Summary: Isana explains her dream for her future during a counseling session with the suspicious teacher. Yumeji leaves Merry at a donut shop while he visits a local clinic to treat a sprained ankle, and to his surprise meets up with Yui and her dream demon Engi, who apologizes to him. As Yumeji fetches Merry to meet with Yui and Engi, they are pulled into a daydream, where they are confronted with Landsborough, a dream demon under Hercules’ control.

My Impressions: Right off the bat, this is infinitely better than the last episode because it is not some throw-away, ultra-emo, navel-gazing let’s-all-go-to-the-beach episode. But it still feels like this putting all the pieces in place for the actual main conflict yet-to-come, as it seems that Yumeji may have found an ally in Yui/Engi, even if Merry is still unsure. Instead of confronting the big baddie demon Pharos Hercules, our troupe is dragged into a subordinate “nightmare” demon Landsborough, who is hard to take seriously as a threat when he is basically a clownish version of this. *sigh*

It feels like we are re-re-re-treading stuff that has already been covered before, moving glacially towards some actual conflict as we learn one or two little tidbits at a time. If someone had the time, they could probably take the eight episodes and edit them down into three “tight” episodes, cutting out the unnecessary or repeated parts without losing anything in the process.

Much more concerning is the secondary storyline in this episode involving Isana meeting up with Mr. Ijima for a career counseling session. With his pointed questions and slick-as-shit smile, you just know there is something up with him, surely he is in league with the bad guys in providing intelligence to steal away dreams. Or so I am guessing.

Oh, and Merry sure does love her donuts. Y’know, I think there is a twelve-step program for that.

The verdict:

I think I have come to the conclusion that the concept and basic story for Yumekui Merry is decent enough, but the anime treatment itself leaves less to be desired – and by that I primarily mean the storyboards, scripting, and especially the pacing and direction. I suspect this could have been a “good” show instead of just an “okay” show if it was in the hands of someone else.

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “Yumekui Merry probably isn’t going to become anything amazing at this point, for that its story just is too simple, but it still can get a pretty good climax out of all of the things it’s built up so far. Let’s hope that the creators also actually do that.” – Star Crossed Anime Blog
  • “Engi and Yui are growing on me though and I wish they had played a bigger part in the show. They provide a much needed drive and focus… a quest as it were… which gives them direction which Yumeji and Merry lack. The scene about Engi’s sister in the middle there was excellently directed. It’s a shame the rest of the show can’t be like that.” – Tenka Seiha
  • “There seems to be quite a few different forces at work at once here, which is all building up to some sort of big conflict in the next few episodes. There are still a ton of question marks with regards to this show, especially Pharos Elcles, who has yet to make an appearance yet seems to be behind most of the major events in this show. Grade: 3.6/5.” – Emory Anime Club
  • “Yumekui Merry has everything, plot, movement, charming characters, and an end goal in sight. So why is it so bereft of excitement? Is it the subject matter? The problems raised? The plot itself? Just me? This entire episode was just a repeat of what has been said over the past seven.” – Random Curiosity

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