Anime Review: Fractale Episode 8

Anime Review:
Fractale Episode 8

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Series Premise: Fractale is an 11-episode weekly television series aired from January to March 2011 as part of Fuji TV’s noitaminA time-slot, an original story directed by Yutaka Yamamoto, developed by Hiroki Azuma and Mari Okada. Clain lives in a futuristic utopia world known as Fractale, and one day he comes across a mysterious priestess on the run named Phryne. After she disappears, Clain searches after her, with only Nessa, a computer-generated ‘doppel’ that emerges from a pendant she leaves in his care, to guide him. Along the way, he learns the secrets about the Fractale system, and that it may not be the utopia he imagined.

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ep. tl;dr review: It’s a Clone World after all! Well, this just leaves me even more confused about the Fractale World.

Episode Summary: Clain and Phryne are taken into custody in the temple, and Phryne has to agree to an invasive “examination” to see if she can still be a “Key” in order for Clain’s injuries to be treated. Sunda tries to get help from other branches of the Lost Millennium to attack the temple, but only Dias is willing to help. With the help of a Nessa look-a-like who calls herself Phryne, Clain escapes and ultimately learns that she is actually one of many clones, and “his” Phyrne is an older version. Nessa infiltrates the temple and they all try to escape as Dias launches an all-out assault.

My Impressions: It seems that Fractale is answering questions about how the Fractale system works by bringing up even more confusing…and disturbing…questions. I’m not sure it makes any more sense.

So…the Phryne we know is actually an older version of an army of Phryne clones that are being cultivated in giant vats, and Nessa is just a doppel of these younger Phrynes. Ooooookay…I never picked up that Nessa was supposed to be a younger version of Phyrne-Prime, didn’t can’t the resemblance at all. Perhaps it is because the anime version takes liberties with the character designs; if they stuck with the original designs it would have been much more obvious:

See? Wouldn’t that have been much better? Okay, and now the creepy part with Phryne-Prime’s “father” going all sooper-skeevy as he drools over the mere thought of “examining” her; although not explicitly detailed, it’s clear she has to be a virgin to become a “Key”. Why? Who knows! Just one more thing that doesn’t make sense. Nor is it explained exactly what a “Key” really is.

Furthermore, why is she even “required” in the first place, if there are an army of clones at his disposal? Even furthermore, why the fuck do the clones have to be liquefied for the Fractale system to operate? (I assume that’s what is going on…) This all makes my head hurt.

Also, if it was so easy for a single airship to just drop in and destroy the temple, why didn’t they do that before? I guess they didn’t know where the temple was located…but I would find that hard to believe. Maybe I shouldn’t complain *too* much, since stuff is actually happening in this show after several wasted episodes, and seems to be building to a climax.

The verdict:

Oh, and what’s up with Clain’s miraculous recovery? A gut shot, bleeding to death…then he awakens fully healed so the first thing he does (LIKE AN IDIOT) is twist around as much as possible…yaknow to see if the wound reopens, I guess? Turns out he’s fully healed, minutes later running around and straining against a giant Phryne-Vat. A miracle of modern Fractale technology…or (again a silly pet theory of mine) is this “reality” just another virtual reality? Oh well…on to the next episode!

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “When this show actually tries to deliver, it really succeeds. This episode was dark and disturbing and that worked out wonderfully well. It’s just such a shame that it sucks at building up. It’s dull and generic and completely ignores the interesting parts of the story in favour of the ever-boring Clain. ” – Star Crossed Anime Blog
  • “The creators seem to be trying to create a large, diverse world, but they’ve neglected the parts that tie the world together. The characters just tend to show up at locations almost by accident, and are surprised by what they find there. Shouldn’t they know something about the world they live in, as should the viewer over the course of the show? But the various locations are almost entirely disconnected, without a sense of a larger world that ties them together.” – Draggle’s Anime Blog
  • “This episode revealed quite a bit about the connection between Phryne and the “Nessa/Phyrne” clones, but in typical Fractale fashion the revelation raises even more questions. I never thought the clones are actually Phryne at a younger age mostly because of the different hair color, but they do have the same eye color. Now the question becomes why does the temple need so many copies of Phryne, and why do they still need the original Phryne and Nessa? ” – A Product of Wasted Time
  • “This is another WTF episode, but an important one. Things are going somewhere, and are actually starting to make sense. But, as usual, when Fractale answers some questions there are just a million more to go along with it, with the usual perverted comments and awkward scenarios (they sure love to watch Clain breathing heavily). But shit goes down, we find out some important information, and there are some legitimately emotional moments, so it’s all good.” – Sekijitsu

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