Anime Review: YanYan Machiko Episode 1

Anime Review:
YanYan Machiko Episode 1

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Series Premise: YanYan Machiko is a web animation series from Kanaban Studios, first episode released on December 25, 2009. The story follows a young sheep girl who lives in Paris and the interesting people around her.

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ep. tl;dr review: Two minute short about a sheep girl who doesn’t want to be hairy.

Episode summary: Machiko is a “fresh and ripened” twenty year old sheep girl living in the shopping district of Paris. But she’s saddened that she is so hairy, and cannot afford the laser hair removal treatment she sees on television. But she tries her father’s electric shaver, which works briefly before breaking. Machiko then falls from her second floor window, but is so fluffy that she bounces right back.

My Impressions: Wait a minute…was I supposed to take some sort of drugs before watching this? I feel like it might actually make sense if I took some drugs or something.

No reason to spend much time on this, as far as I can tell there are just two episodes, each little more than two minutes long, seems to have been primarily designed to be viewed on mobile devices as a way to sell cell phone accessories. But for what it is…this is actually sort of bemusing. The silliness of the situation only starts with the hula-hoop gyrations of the “petit” sheep girl, and her laconic monologue is strangely fitting.

Two minutes long? Sure, why not, it’s a silly little diversion. And you don’t really need to have it subtitled to enjoy it, either.

The verdict:

For more information:

Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “I didn’t understand any of the jokes, and they all felt way too random and nonsensical to me. In a bad way. The episode was only two and a half minutes long, and I still had to force myself through it.
    Potential: 0%” – Star Crossed Anime Blog

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