Anime Review: Manyuu Hikenchou Episode 1

Anime Review:
Manyuu Hikenchou Episode 1

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Series Premise: Manyuu Hikenchou, or “Magic Breast Secret Scroll”, is a weekly televised anime series started in July 2011, based on a manga series of the same name. Set in a version of historical Japan where the size of a woman’s breasts means everything, the Manyuu Clan holds the secrets to growing big breasts. As successor to the clan, Chifusa steals a secret scroll and turns against the clan to help spread the word to the masses.

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ep. tl;dr review: Boobs, boobs, boobs, bigger boobs, and…well, more boobs. Any semblance of a plot is extraneous.

Episode Summary: Chifusa Manyuu turns against her clan, but is injured trying to escape. When she awakens, her wounds are being tended by a local peasant woman. As she recovers, we learn that Chifusa is the successor of the Manyuu Clan, which holds the secret techniques to breast enlargement, in a feudal society where the size of a woman’s chest means everything (and those who are flat-chested are not even considered human). When the peasant woman learns of Chifusa’s past, she turns on her in a fit of anger, because she used to have large breasts, but they were “stolen away” by Chifusa’s sister, Kagefusa, in a secret sword-cutting technique, causing her betrothed to abandon her and become penniless. As Chifusa leaves, she is suddenly attacked by Kagefusa, who has tracked her down, along with Chifusa’s former friend Kaede, who had been punished by Kagefusa, shrinking her breasts for allowing Chifusa to escape. The two sisters face off, Chifusa victorious causing her breasts to expand greatly as she steals Kagefusa’s ample assets away. Carrying a secret scroll containing the Manyuu Clan’s magical techniques, she then confidently leaves with Kaede to fight against society.

My Impressions: I cannot believe that I spent several minutes writing up an episode summary — because IT REALLY DOESN’T MATTER. No one is watching this for the story or plot, there’s only one reason to watch this show at all…and I’m willing to bet you can figure out what that is.

There are a couple of versions of this show out there. First, there is the sanitized television version, which I had downloaded and started to watch, but had to give up after a few minutes. The method of censorship for all the jiggling flesh and nipple-rama is bright whiteout bars across the screen, and in many cases THE ENTIRE SCREEN is censored out. After a while, I got annoyed and promptly downloaded the web-only uncensored version, not because I care about censorship or about all the X-rated stuff, but because the censorship was just distracting in itself. FYI, the amount of bouncing boobies is quite a bit more than in the screen captures above (I was *mostly* tame in my choices), and you can find some uncensored images if you click on the images above.

In any case, the producers of this show make absolutely no bones about the reason for its mere existence. It’s all about the impossibly massive udders, woven into the very fabric of the setting itself. Forget about the plot, forget about any character development or how the story evolves, because none of that matters in the slightest. Any story exists as a way to put as many boobs on the screen as possible, and that’s about it. I’m not going to harp on the stupidity of the scenario itself (a sword cut that steals breast size?), there’s no point. The scenario, the story, the plot are irrelevant.

Pretty much the only reason to watch this at all is if you have an unashamed fetish for huge breasts. Don’t get me wrong, like most men I’m definitely a fan of this part of the female anatomy — but sometimes too much is just TOO MUCH. But yeah…if you were able to sit through and enjoy a single episode of Seikon no Qwaser, then this is for you. Otherwise…this is just embarrassing. And honestly, if you’re going to go for this, why not go all in and go straight for the hardcore anime porn instead? There’s more than enough of that to choose from without having to resort to this pseudo-porn show.

The verdict:

For more information:

Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “Seriously, do you expect me to believe that when some certain girl slices across the chest of another girl, that girl will absorb the victim’s breast mass and add it to her own? Jesus. The things that Japanese folks come up with these days…Regardless, the fanservice certainly wasn’t as “crazy” as Qwaser, but I would say they are almost on par in terms of the ratio of fanservice to actual content.” – Rabbit Poets
  • “Okay, you have to give this show credit for actually going for such a premise and all, but these are the kinds of shows where you wonder: why aren’t the creators just going for straight-out porn? Why is it still pretending to be anything other than that? Potential: 0%” – Star Crossed Anime Blog
  • “The quality is apparent through the character designs, cinematography, and competent action scenes. The fanservice, however, takes a fatal blow from two fronts: the atrocious censorship and the fairly morbid plot.” – Japanator
  • “Big Tits are the center of the world in this anime, if you can stand sexual reference and incredible amount of stupidity, this is the anime for you !” – Angry Anime Bitches
  • “It’s a show that’s total crap, but it doesn’t try to be anything else. It’s an over-censored ecchifest that can be easily ignored, yet is also somewhat compelling in its audacity.” – Shinde Iie
  • “The way they take everything so hyper serious is somewhat hilarious given they’re talking about boobs, but there is a really disturbing element involving molestation and slicing off women’s breasts that I just found really uncomfortable. Is meant to be titillating to the viewer?” – Caraniel’s Impressions
  • “Whereas something like Seikon no Qwaser at least has a streak of knowing ridiculousness running through it, Manyuu Hikenchou is straight up horrifying to watch, in the worst possible way. Even if the foundation weren’t so distasteful, the writing (clunky and stupid) and production values (cheap as hell) don’t make up for it at all. This is why we can’t have nice things.” – Behind the Nihon Review
  • “Bottom line: Manyuu Hiken-chou is a fucking horrible and immensely stupid show, but in a way that’s both funny and entertaining. After all the low-brow hipster crap, teenage superpower emo bullshit, comedies going for the lowest common denominator, and just general failing that seems to dominate this season, Manyuu actually proved to be something refreshingly idiotic.” – Re-Jinx
  • “It’s not like anyone is watching this for the action (which was tame) or the characters (which were lame). Anyway, this would’ve been dropped without the censorship seeing as the first episode, at least what I scanned through, was extremely boring and uneventful.” – Avvesione’s Blog
  • “The honor of “worst anime this season” was not going to go to R-15 without a fight – Manyuu Hikenchou valiantly appears out of nowhere to rightfully steal that title.” – Seventh Style
  • FYI, it seems most everyone who posted online reviews jumped on the eye-searingly-overdone censored version, which came out WAAAAY before the uncensored one. As a result, much of the crabbing about the show is about the ridiculous amount of covering up the entire reason the show exists. If for any reason you are going to watch this, by god get the uncensored version, lest you burn your eyes out with undefined whiteout covering the screen at every opportunity.


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Thumbs-down for Round One: Double J, Morita-san wa Mukuchi, Mayo Chiki, Nyanpire the Animation, Carnival Phantasm, Copihan, Yuruyuri, The Idolmaster, Sacred Seven, Manyuu Hikenchou

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