Anime Review: Out of Sight

Anime Review:
Out of Sight

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Series Premise: Out of Sight is a five-minute-long short animated feature produced by three graduate students at the National Taiwan University of the Arts, released on the web in July, 2010. A young, blind girl loses her seeing-eye dog, and goes on an adventure through the town by exploring the touch, sounds and smell of the city.

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ep. tl;dr review: Blind girl imagines the city around her through her senses; Short and very sweet.

Episode summary: While walking through the town with her seeing eye dog, a young girl is suddenly robbed of her bag. The dog gives chase, leaving the girl all alone. But with the help of a stick she finds, which “transforms” into a magical wand, she explores the street by using her other senses. First she comes across a bakery, then a perfumed pedestrian, a soft kitten, and more — before she is finally reunited with her dog.

My Impressions: If it is made in China, does it count as anime? I don’t care. This is awesome.

There’s no subtitles or words (except for the little girl calling her dog’s name), but it doesn’t matter at all. This is just a five minute long short feature done as a university project, simply an animated appetizer that certainly indicates a bright future for the students involved. Frankly, I don’t have much to say about this, there’s not really much of a story to chew on, but that’s not the point. It’s simply a way to show how much of the world around us is defined by more than just what we see, but also what we can touch, hear, and even smell — all through the creative mind of a little girl. The animation itself is bright and colorful, alive and fluid. C’mon, it’s just five minutes long, just watch it already.

The verdict:

For more information:

  • The entire thing officially online on Youtube — 1.5 million views already!
  • Info resources: My Anime List (no entry), Anime News Network (no entry), AniDB, and Wikipedia (no entry).
  • Official website in English, with lots more info.

Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • ““Out of Sight” An absolutely breathtaking animation. The less known the better, just watch and be inspired. Enjoy :)” – I Sweat in Taiwan
  • “A touching short animated movie about a blind girl who relies on her other senses and a lot of imagination to discover the world around her when she is separated from her dog. I would guess that the creators are big fans of Japanese animation house Studio Ghibli as you can see the influences throughout.” – Osaka Pop
  • “This cute little student film…owes a lot to Miyazaki. But they’ve picked up the right ideas from the Master and the finished film, Out Of Sight, is loaded with imagination and heart. ” – Cartoon Brew
  • …Actually very few “reviews” of this short, but there are tons of people online who provide links to it (including Roger Ebert) along with two or three line descriptions.

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