Anime Review: Showa Monogatari Episode 2

Anime Review:
Showa Monogatari Episode 2

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Series Premise: Showa Monogatari, is a weekly anime television series that started in April 2011, although preview episodes of the series aired (out of order) in December and January. The literal translation of the title is “Shouwa Story”, and it details the life of a normal Japanese family during the 39th year of the Showa Era, or 1964.

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ep. tl;dr review: Normal people do normal people stuff — what is this doing in an anime show?

Episode Summary: Older brother goes to a coming-of-age ceremony, but is ashamed that all he has to wear is his school uniform. Because he’s the only one wearing the uniform, he catches the eye of a young lady that invites him to a dance. Older sister is off on the town, and mother is worried, so little brother secretly trails her. Older brother goes on his date, again in his old school uniform, but it turns out to be a sixties-style sock hop, and his date is disgusted that he is such an uncool goober. After being dumped, he asks himself, “What the hell am I doing?”; meanwhile Older Sister’s little bit of romance is going much smoother.

My Impressions: Zzzzzzzzzz….snk! Huh, wha? Is it over yet?

The show is billed as “Anime for the Elderly“; a slow-paced, easy-going show that is easy to digest like so much twice-cooked oatmeal. And I must say, it’s about as exciting as oatmeal, too. It’s nothing more than your average family in Japan in the Sixties doing everyday stuff, going through the motions of life. That by itself is not a problem — there have been many slice-of-life shows that have captured imaginations, not necessarily in anime but in the live-action television/movie market, especially in America. Think of “The Wonder Years” or “A Christmas Story”. What makes those shows different are that they contain characters that are interesting and engaging, while Showa Monogatari is cast entirely with dishwater-plain personalities played in such a heavy-handed manner that it is almost embarrassing to watch.

I suppose that if you’re in your sixties or seventies and have some nostalgic feelings for what Japan was like fifty years ago, then you might enjoy watching this to relive the feeling of being young again. Otherwise, this is a trip down snooze lane. It’s not awful, but utterly forgettable.

The verdict:

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “This episode by the way was really good. Again, this show isn’t about Kouhei, the young kid. He may get a lot of airtime, but this episode was much more about his brother and his sister.” – Star Crossed Anime Blog
  • …and that’s about it. Apparently no one in America is watching this.


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  2. dragonballgo says:

    A marvelously wise and moving classic, but also one full of sights that might make you cry, like Genjuro, ‘I never imagined such pleasures existed!’

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