Anime Review: Gosick Episode 7

Anime Review:
Gosick Episode 7

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Series Premise: Gosick is a 24-part weekly television series that began airing in January 2011, based on a light novel series by Fujimi Shobo. Kazuya is a young exchange student who arrives at a European academy in 1924, where he meets with the diminutive but brilliant recluse Victorique. Together, they solve the impossible-to-solve mysteries, with the help of the local inspector.

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ep. tl;dr review: Victorique uncovers more of mother’s dark past while the murders pile up.

Episode Summary: Victorique and Kazuya enter the sealed-off village from which her mother was exiled years ago, vowing to clear her name. As Victorique goes about town collecting clues, the villagers prepare for the Summer Festival. As the celebration goes on, two of the travelers are mysteriously murdered, and Kazuya receives a troubling fortune-telling prediction. Ultimately, Victorique solves the murder, but laments that she does not have the evidence to back it up.

My Impressions: Finally, Gosick decides to present us with a mystery that Victorique isn’t able to solve in thirty seconds. Here we are, two episodes into the “Village of the Gray Wolves” arc, the pieces of the puzzle are being laid out on the table one-by-one…and I cannot tell where the solution will take us.

Although I am also wondering about the other interlopers that have entered the village along with Kazuya and Victorique – the bumbling fools that remind me of these guys. Not only why are they dying off, but why did the villagers let them inside in the first place? I’m sure it all ties together, but I can’t fathom how.

More interesting are two little nuggets not related to the immediate mystery. First is the off-hand remark that the strange photograph they uncovered, and the events surrounding them occurred at about the same time The Great War started. This ties in to the Running of the Hares from earlier, auguring a more sinister connection between Victorique’s past and supernatural origins of global events. Secondly, the troubling answer given by the wild-eyed future-predicting elder that Kazuya receives when he inquires about his future with Victorique (hint: it’s not the answer he wanted). Hmmm.

The verdict:

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Sampling of Online Reviews:

  • “And don’t get me wrong, though: this episode was wonderfully told. The atmosphere it built up was excellent and the dialogue blended in really well with the music. It was well paced and packed a number of great and hard hitting plot twists. It’s because of that that it’s such a shame that this show is a waste of this potential due to the really poor attention to detail. I’ve said this before: this show is great in the big picture, but not so great in the small picture.” – Star Crossed Anime Blog
  • “This is probably about as close as this show’s going to come to an actual mystery, so we should probably be thankful. Unfortunately, that’s still not really particularly mysterious since there are really only about two, maybe three viable suspects, and one has motive, means, opportunity, was proximal to the original crime, and keeps telling people asking about murders that it’s none of their business.” – Tenka Seiha
  • “Even though from a logical standpoint the episode should have been more enjoyable than the last few, I just wasn’t very captured by the episode as a whole while watching it. Despite starting to include proper mystery elements, the episode in general goes by rather slowly without a whole lot of events, and Kujo and Victorique seem a bit aimless most of the time. Of course, the plot still manages to drive forward.” – Metanorn
  • “I would like it, however, if the show spent less time world-building and more time character-building. Watching the show creatively botch medieval European life can be amusing, but at the moment I’d prefer the show give more time to what the audience really cares about. And whatever that may be, it isn’t a fictional village.” – The Anti-Otaku
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